Life for the Black and Gold!

A gutsy win on the road and hope is back ! Powell plays his best game of the season ahead of going up against the Bombers this Saturday. The Bombers seem to be in sync again …the Bombers will be at least a full touchdown favorite going into Hamilton but stranger stuff has happened so Saturday night should be interesting! That is why they play the games as the saying goes.

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i don’t give the ticats much chance against the bombers powell is playing well the bombers are the team to beat for grey cup

Miracle in Hamilton on the way stay tuned!

You called it. Give this man a cigar. :smiley:

The rookie QB played well and they have made a few changes on O line. Stops by the D at right times too. Bit early to plan the Grey Cup parade but they are better!

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I was at the game and it was an impressive win. Powell has definitely made progress and looked more comfortable in the game, making plays with his feet or on the run when necessary. Offense did slow down in the second half but the D stepped up and the ST were solid throughout the game. Definitely a fun game to be watching live!

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Happy for the improvement with Powell at pivot. Let’s see if the Tabbies can pull another monkey out of the hat against the Argos coming up.


Argos best team in CFL so another good test for the Tiger Cats. Win would go a long way to getting second place too.

Powell keeps his eyes downfield as he moves out of the pocket so yeah making a lot of plays on the play action stuff.