Life expectancy 55

Wow…what do you think of the recent studies that show the life expenctancy of professional football players to be 55?
too many injuries, too many drugs and too many concussions.
kinda limits the joy of watching kids enter into the sport.

Recent? Apparently this idea has been around since as long ago as 1987. Studies? Apparently nobody even knows what that number was based on.

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If you can find the study that backs it up, I'm sure Bruce Arthur, author of that article, would love to hear from you.

the NFL released a 10 year study last season that said that for every season of NFL the average lifespan was reduced by something like 2.3 years. I have not read it, only say a blurb so I can not say too much other than they said it was based heavily on repeated. I believe a decent hit is like 9g of force, but it does not kill you because it is minimal distance, but the more you take it deteriorates you body. They actually released average age expected per position.

I do need to read on it more, like I said, but watched a segment on it during the last couple weeks of the regular season.

would have been perfect for me. I wanted to be a pro and I always said I would die at 55

who the hell wants to be 56 any how?

if you gonna go early, there is no better way to go.

Apparently it was a complete BS study....

From Stephan Brunt's column...

But there's a problem here, beginning with the source material, which appeared in the publication Jewish World Review in October of 2006, under the bylines of Dr. Michael A. Glueck and Dr. Robert J. Cihak (though as noted at the bottom of the piece, [memo]Glueck was the sole author of the piece in question).

It is a column, not a peer-reviewed study or a research paper of any kind. The doctor who wrote it is a retired radiologist with no expertise in the subject. And the entire basis of the story appears to be a single conversation he says he had in a coffee shop with a friend in the insurance industry, who provided those shocking numbers.

I heard about this article as well with the life expectancy but didn't know of Brunt's article, thanks Evil. I know even when they do meta-analyses or systematic reviews, some fairly well done clinical trials aren't included so I doubt this type of a study would even be considered seriously.