boxing day sale has a sale on today and boxing day; 50% off clearance items.

You can get a CFL RBK jersey for $27!!!!

Take a look and see if there's something you like, like a t-shirt or hat.

I didn't realize they started selling jerseys. I might have to hit up Masonville. Thanks for the heads-up. :thup:

This is an online sale.
I've never seen jerseys at Masonville.

Thanks for the heads up drummer god! I got two jerseys for $30 each, that's nuts! Even though the league is switching jerseys next year, that's too good to pass up.

Which jerseys did you get?

My white argos jersey has arrived. $30 after tax. Crazy.
I have to send it away for cresting for an additional $100. Thinking Chad Owens. Hopefully he re-signs with the club or this Jersey will be wasted.

I've been told that the new adidas uniforms won't be any different except replacing RBK watermarks with adidas and a new CFL logo.

I also got a white Argos jersey. And I picked up a retro Sask jersey. I've got enough Lions jerseys haha. I figure that these will be the least likely to change with the new uniforms. I'm pretty sure at least some teams will get new ones since it seems like Winnipeg is hinting heavily at retro themed colours.

I really wish I had picked up a retro riders jersey, too. I liked them in the back-2-,back grey cup losses in 2009 & 2010. They've since made some minor changes that I don't like as much :

Adding the retro riders logo to the sleeves and adding stripes to the bottom of the sleeves.

These little changes made me hesitate, but I should have bought one in hindsight.
Same with a Tiger-Cat road white. Mosca 68 would have been great.
Or a retro Bombers jersey.

Classic looks never go out of style.

Oh. Where have the bombers been hinting at retro colours/uniforms?
I've looked through their Facebook and instagram feeds and didn't notice anything.

55% off all alouettes merchandise - including jerseys - on the alouettes store.
One day only.
Go to their website and the details are there.
A personalized jersey is now $49.50
So tempting to get a Calvillo jersey.
Why couldn't the Argos have had a sale like this? has all CFL Merchandise on sale 75% off.

Jesus. Talk about giving it away. :o

Edit: Just bought Edmonton’s travel wind breaker. Was gonna go for the home, but it didn’t have enough gold. Reg $95, on for $30. Can’t beat that.