License # TGRCAT

We were entering Florida last week when we came up behind a car bearing the license number TGRCAT. After giving each other the thumbs up and a quick version of Oski Wee Wee, we were on our way. Anyone know if the owner of this car is a visitor? 8) 8)

Was it an Ontario plate?

Yep, had the tiny ticat symbol on it as well.

It wasn't me but I do have an issue with the TiCat plates (Government problem I realize).

I have series 01XXXX plates (new in 1998) and the blue numbers have faded badly (no rust, just fading). I'll probably need to buy replacements soon.

I've seen 02 plates in much better condition so they must have had a bad batch of blue reflective paint (or faulty production) during the series 01 run.

Oh well, it's only money :frowning:

(Kind of dicey driving and parking in Toronto... stands out like a sore thumb :slight_smile: )


Need the new logo on the plates pronto!

Old logo is way outdated!

Funny the license plate thing is being discussed....

I was in Welland late this afternoon, in front of me at a stoplight was a mini-van......license plate read "J Huard"......I'm not joking....After I pulled up beside him further down the road I glanced over........yup! was him....he did a double take when he saw my Tiger-Cat ball cap.

Now here's the good part :wink:

Being the quick thinker I am, I grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled out a contract offer for head coach on behalf of all members of "", got him to lower the passenger window and I chucked it in to him.....I also wrote the number to get ahold of Marcel to wrap this up and sign all necessary paperwork.......did I do good? :lol: :wink:
Aren't you glad the head coach search is all done now?.....

(2 grains of salt required when reading the second pararaph)

Is there a website that has pictures of Ticat licence plates you can buy?

besides team logos, can i get the CFL logo on my plate?

Just go to any licence office. My wife has one on her car........ 06 TC 17 ( Ritchie her daughter has one on hers (can't remember that!)

It's kind of "luck of the draw" what number you get, unless you order a personalised plate (kinda expensive)

This page has all the graphic plates:
MTO license plate web page

Go up a level to see other details.

Those numbers actually mean something
If your plates are 06TC17, then you were approximately the 617th person to get ticat plates.
The TC in the middle meaning "Tiger Cats"
Only exception are the personalized ones.
I have mine personalized.

I have cats99 for the 99 cup year! :rockin:

hey i think ive seenu around then ive seen that plate often. im not stockin u i swear!

Good old John Huard, he was the Forbidden Website's first Hall of Fame inductee.

I once saw the licence plate:


Wonder who owned that one :slight_smile:

We bought the 06 TC 17 plates at the Wingham office. They had never-ever sold a set from there was the only one they had...been there for years the lady said. It's only a coincidence that in 2006 the number 17 was Williams!

Damned if I can remember the number of the other car's's never And me, I'm always driving something different with either co. plates or a dealer plate!

why did you choose williams. thought you were an Eakin fan?

I used to think that the plates' number indicated the sequemce in which they were distributed. Sorry, they don't.
I have 04TC07, but I was not the 407th recipient. Apparently, some of the larger offices carry a stock of plates likely to be called for in that area. So the Hanmilton office will have a stock of Ticat plates, and a few others.
Her in Elliot Lake, the only plate they carry in stock is the Veterans plate, for which there is a good demand.
When I asked for Ticat plates, the request was sent to Toronto. asking for "next out of the box". This is how all of us in the boondocks get that "special" plate. I know that when I got mine, people in Hamilton already were into 06 and 07 series. from stocks that had been placed in Hamilton.

We are Ticat Fans. We didn’t choose “Williams”. We got the plate on her new HHR in July/06. If you were to read , and comprehend the post you responded to you will see that it is “luck of the draw” what plate you get. We got the only plate they had in stock!

In 2006 number 17 on the Ticats was Williams. Just a coincidence! We are happy with Eakin or Williams or Maas or any player for that matter if we had gotten their number! :wink:

But that's still weird that you picked Williams number and not Eakin's.
Well aware what a huge Cat fan you are but did you wear your Khari bombers sweater when you went to pick it up? are showing your ignorance again...How many times do you have to see it in Black and White...we didn't PICK the's "luck of the draw"! Read the thread....slowly even...maybe then it will sink in!

And as far as my "Khari Bombers' sweater goes...the first time I wore it was at the game in Toronto last week. I have lots of "football stuff"! I've even got old Detroit Lions stuff!

Nice of you to ask :roll: but please remove the "woody made a post button" from your comp. and quit trying to hyjack threads and get then locked! :thdn:

You don't seem to learn anything with "vacations"! One thing for sure...a lot of people don't miss you!