License PLate Holder

I know that this is off topic but I want to show everyone in my area that I'm proud to be a Ticat supporter.Does anyone know if they make one of those plastic license plate holders for your car with the Ticat logo on it.If so how can I get my hands on one (or even two or three).Thanks in advance and OKEE WEE WEE-Go Cats.

I want one too :slight_smile:

I saw 4 in a package with 2 foam hammers at the value village in stoney creek last nite. They wanted $2.99 for everything.

:thup: I sent an email to the marketing guys in the off-season about this. The reply said they were expanding the merchandise lines that would be available this season. So far I haven't seen anything different though. If anything, it appears there is a smaller selection of items this year than was available last year.

I also suggested they look at an NFL team site to get some ideas of what they might include in the Tiger Town store.

Maybe we should suggest they give season ticket holders one licence plate holder for each season ticket seat purchased. These things can't be very expensive - my daughter's university gives them away free to all graduates at the convocation cermonies.