liberals scam, possible re vote

So folks, as it turns out, the liberals scamed the quebec party a long time ago with tax money (I think 500 00 dollars or someting) a while ago, and now Canada is recognizing it and the conservatives and the quebec party and NDP’s are going to vote for whether they want a re vote since this is a minority government. If a re vote is voted for by the conservatives, quebec party and NDP’s then a re vote will take place through out Canada…which means good news for the conservatives because liberal supporters will withdraw their support to the liberals and people who didnt care about the election will care. Scince the Conservatives is the bigest party other then the liberals, who are being voted against, most will vote for the conservatives. Harper will also ban same-sex marriages.

I like the sound of this…what do u guys think?

I find it very interesting that the word of a guy up on criminal charges is being takes as the bible. The guy is a crook and could be lying thought his teeth to save his own butt and everyone is taking him seriously. I certainly don’t conceder him to be a credible witness.

This commission is costing more money that what the Liberals are alleged to have thrown away.  Lets be honest would you spend 25$ to find a lost 20$ bill?

 Finally I hope that Harper never gets in.  All the problems in this Country like high taxes, high-energy prices, unemployment, a failing healthcare system and political unrest in Quebec and all he cares about is gay marriage?   Well he certainly has his priorities straight doesn’t he?

Ok you can all complain about this being a football forum yadda yadda yadda

I would have to disagree with you on that one ro1313. We all know the fund was there and was supposed to be used for promoting unity in Quebec, and I dont have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the money not being used for that purpose. When a crime has been committed you simply do not stop investigating it because the costs are getting too high. The perps must be held accountable and must be tried for their crimes, especially when the perps are politicians and should be held to a higher standard then most of us. They are entrusted with public funds and I dont care if we are talking $1,000.00 on an expense account or $100,000,000.00 in ad campaigns. I for one want to see the Gomery Inquiry go the distance and get to the root of this no matter what the cost. The guilty shall pay, crimanly and civily if thats what it takes to get the money back.

What does scare me is how this going over in Quebec. The liberals were the only thing holding Quebec and Canada together. I suspect Quebecers will now go to the bloc rather than the Conservatives. We yet see another seperatist vote coming out of Quebec as well as federal election for the rest of us.

I guess you may be right on your first point but like I said, Can we really trust the word of a man who is facing criminal charges? Did the things he said actually happen?

As for the Bloc, they already hold the majority of federal seats in Quebec. They will probably get a few more but they do not have the power to call a referendum, only the provincial government can do that. Also keep in mind that a vote for the Bloc is not necessarily a vote for separation, many Quebecers vote for them because they feel that they can best represent Quebec within Canada.

I hope you are right about the air in Quebec, ro1313 my friend. As for Braults testimony it just goes to show that we need to get to the root of the issue and not jump to any conclussions until the investigation is complete. Enough of this political rant, lets get back more important things such as football shall we…

Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP all suck crooks and liars I don’t trust any of them. I’ll give my vote to the Green Party just so I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t vote for those jokers. In the end with our backward election system Ontario will choose the leader cause they have more than enough seats to do it. So if they like the libreals or conservatives that’s who will be in power expect a giant campaign in Ontario if an election is called.

The only thing that really scares me in all that story is that, in the next federal election, people may vote against their own beliefs and values just to “punish” the liberals. In Quebec, that would probably means the Bloc Quebecois getting the votes of a lot of federalists and winning all 75 seats. Thus, giving the impression the souvereignist movement is on the uprise again. And, in Quebec like in so many other places, a lot of people vote with the flavour of the week, like they want to be on the winning side no matter what it is.

That would probably be coupled with the Conservative party, which values are way too right-winged for Quebecers, becoming the government in Canada.

And then, there’d be the final touch. The Parti Liberal of Quebec just spent the last two years be hated by everyone. It has shown it wasn’t ready at all to govern and has made a lot of big mistakes. A poll published today shows that the PLQ would only get 21% of the votes in Quebec would an election be held today.

So you do the math:

A strong Bloc Quebecois
The separatist movement on the upswing
A Conservative government
A Parti Quebecois provincial governement

A perfect receipe for a catastrophy

Unfortunately, I agree. Charest’s Liberal Provincial Government has made enemies in just about every part of Quebec society the last couple of years, taking on all the unions and students and teachers etc. And now the Federal liberals have completely shown themselves to be corrupt thieves and liars. Everything is poised for the bloc and Parti Quebecoise to sweep Quebec the next election, but that does not mean Quebec will vote to seperate, it only means the Liberals are hated. Of course it doesn’t help the Federalist side and cause.

WHOA…calgaryred… I DON’T recall the NDP perpetuating any of the gross ‘shady’ behaviour that the CONSERVS. or the LIBS. have pulled off in this country. They haven’t been in the position fedarlly to do so. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush. This Gomery inquiry is good for the taxpayers; and will probably clear the air. It’s just no bloody wonder that people are getting turned off with politics and are not voting when their doesn’t seem to be any moral authority left by the big two parties . Here’s how it goes; let me present to you the LIB. gang (and their funny sponsorship money) and oh no now they’re being to smell a little funny so now we have to present to you the COSERV. gang ( and their hidden agenda to bring you wonderful things like the GST… no I haven’t forgotten. Whoever turns out to be the government in this country has a lot of fences to mend with the voters or we are all heading for one BIG dilemma. Sorry had to get on my ‘soapbox’ on a football forum…but heh’ the 05 kickoff ain’t too far off. :arrow:

what makes you guys think that the conservatives can do any better? the liberals came up with a pretty decnt budget, and its not like their gonna have another sponsorship scandal.

Anyways, there is something wrong in all this.

Let’s say you work at Canadian Tire and manage to steal 200 000$. Once it gets discovered, you’ll go to jail. End of story. Canadian Tire won’t look bad, lose it’s place in the market or see its stock take the plunge. People are able to dissociate the criminal who perpetuate the crime from the company itself.

But when it comes to political parties, people can’t think straight because, you know… it’s THEIR money! So they want to lay the punishment themselves. REVENGE do they scream while casting their ballot without thinking of the consequences. But the situation is no different: criminals sneaked into the place to steal money. But even if only a few people are responsible for the mess, everyone will pay for it.

The sad thing is crooks will always try to make their way to where the money is. And there is a lot of money in the government’s budget. So no matter who’s in charge, no matter what party it represents, no matter how clean can be some of the parties’ members, there will always be a rat in the pack. This is why people are so cynical about politics these day.

Hey, while thinking of all this, I wondered…

There are people in companies like PriceWaterhouseCooper, KPMG, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, etc. who specialize in tracking all money transactions down to the cent.

Maybe the government should hire individuals with such expertise to double-check everything that is going on in its ministries. One would probably argue that this would be very costly, but seriously, how many specialists could we have hire with all the money gone in the sponsorship scandal AND the Gomery commission?..

The federal Liberals barely listen to the Auditor General when she publicizes examples of waste. They spend more energy trying to belittle the office. They certainly wouldn’t want a very extensive review of how money is spent. What annoys me is that people will continue to support waste of such an enormous magnitude. Many of the same people would go ballistic if the government spent a small fraction of that wasted money on building stadiums which could easily last 80+ years.

… Not to mention that such stadiums could help some areas land international events (Pan-Am or Commonwealth games, rock concerts, soccer tournaments, etc.) which would greatly benefit them economically and enhance the nation’s international visibility.

i agree, except for gay marriage (i only agre to that if both chicks are hot), but i think canada should be open to all religions and races