Liability towards injury

Do you feel the CFL should be held liable if a player is injured for a helmet coming off?

the helmets are flying off, and it is eventually going to end really badly. The CFL knows this has been an issue all season. My general understanding is that the CFL went to a new standard for helmet this year, which are supposed to take impacts better, lessening the likelihood of a concussion, and that is great, but, this is becoming ridiculous. Also, I have heard that one of the early season culprits was that many found the chin straps terribly uncomfortable and were swapping them out with old ones, and it was felt that the alternative straps were not buttoning correctly. Surely this has been cracked down on!

There are choices...
Retrofit the buttons on helmets (with manufacturer permission)
Have the helmet manufacturer make a couple different chin straps
outsource chin straps with correct button straps
ditch the new helmets with old until this is corrected.

I cringe way too often in games, horrified by a flying helmet.

they need to take a serious look at the design of the interior of the helmet that actually sits on the head.

they need to figure out exactly what fails each time the helmet flies off.

sooner or later someone will get smashed in the head with a helmet against no protection and will have serious problems.

the CFL will likely have to deal with the injury but the Player would sue the company who creates these helmets.

I'm kind of on the fence. I know that they've been popping off more frequently this season, but I've heard in the past that some players prefer to play with a loose strap. The CFL can't be faulted in that type of instance...

well, I know it is a penalty now if you get caught with loose straps. I used to play with the right jaw strap off and maybe lost my helmet once every couple years.

From watching the two games this weekend, I can only remember seeing 1 helmet come off. Maybe they’ve figured out the problem and have fixed it but I guess we won’t know that until a few more games have been played or something is announced.

yes, this weekend was definitely less, but last weekend was crazy. We shall see.

I played my football in the 80s.

I didn't need no stinkin' chin strap...My hair gel kept my helmet stuck on! :rockin:

Its an issue with the manufacturer -

Football is a violent sport and injuries will occure,Maybe they have reached the limits to what can be constructed in head gear?

but they stayed on in the past
Issue with the manufacturer or not, this is an issue the league is aware of.
just makes me think a lil of C45 to some degree

NO! The helmet manufacturer should recall all the straps and redesign and reimburse all the teams.

It's appalling.

They were coming off last season more often than they did in the past. IMO, the biggest difference between this season and last season was the media didn't talk about it.

Isn't the league already liable for player injuries? There must be some sort of disability coverage for all the players in the league in the unfortunate event they are hurt so bad they have to retire prematurly. The helmet issue is one of products liability, anyone along the 'chain' can be found liable, for the manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, retailer etc.

Thought I heard though, some of the players didn't like the chin strap that came with the new helmets and were using their old ones, which apparently, didn't stay done up. Can't see anyone being liable in that case when a player modifies the original product on their own.

That was just speculation by someone on TSN during a game. I think the League later said it wasn't the case. If it were, it would have been a pretty easy thing to fix.