LFL more popular than the CFL?

Is it possible? :lol:

[url=http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/lfl-commissioner-mitch-mortaza-says-lingerie-football-eclipse-230042699.html]http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55 ... 42699.html[/url]

no. :smiley:

:lol: :lol: :lol: I don't think so :lol: :lol: :lol:

haha, yeah more popular then the CFL.

Why because girls round around in their underwear that is going to trump the CFL?
no TV deal, tickets as high as $136(abbotsford) for 4 games and still this is a league that gets only a few thousand per game will be the league that drew an average of what 29K last year for a 9 home game (reg)season. the “Lingerie bowl” in Hamilton drew what… 8K maybe? There hasn’t been a grey cup with under 40K since '98.

I’ll stick to the CFL, if I feel the need to check out hot girls, each team has a cheerleading squad that is appropriately dressed as in their bottoms don’t fall off(and actually paid!) or there are all the great looking Canadian girls in the stands who aren’t breaking each others necks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm perfectly capable of dividing my attention between real CFL football and the Underwear League :lol:

Here is what the HamSpec reported at the time:

[i]Tickets prices dropped to $10, which helped to fill just less than half of the lower bowl.

Still, a few fans had their own entire sections. [/i]

So let's call it 7,000 seats at $10/ticket -- that's definitely destined to overtake the CFL some day.

Well the league has even expanded to Regina and Saskatoon. The provincial government even got involved saying that it was alright for the league to play in our province as long as there was no "deliberate" nudity. :wink:

Looks like another league where people won't get paid...

I wonder if the league has figured out that if they play in Ontario they can play topless :lol:

They're also playing in smaller junior and AHL hockey arenas, not CFL or even NHL-size buildings, [b]and they're still not paying their players[/b].
How do the players survive without pay?

Are players involved strictly to garner personal attention/publicity? (of which is very little anyway)

and the league is expanding?

Confused as Heck

He's an idiot... all the teams will fail within 2 years. Might as well give up now :thdn:

Indoor football is BORING! Aside from that I have too much respect for women to watch a sport where they have to degrade themselves to wearing next to nothing just to get people to partially fill a 10K arena. IF this league were to ever gain any real popularity then its fans are going to be people that probably don't really want to see football anyway. I'd be all for a female professional football league if they were properly outfitted and played on a full size field. This league is trashy and I don't see how it warrants any dignity or credibility. Women want to be more respected by men and they continue to put themselves in a position be objectified.

Actually there is a "real" womens footbal league called "Western Women's Canadian Football League." They have 7 teams in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Their season is in progress right now with the playoffs to begin near the end of June.

Good stuff.. I wonder if they'll expand to BC

I agree. That guy will say anything to get his league mentioned in the media. Real loser! :thdn:

Now THAT would make things a lot more interesting (and I suspect would bring in a lot more popularity for the league) :wink: :cowboy:


Their President looks like Steve Rubell the creepy dude who started Studio 54, mixed in with a little Elvis Presley.