LFL Commish Mitchell Mortaza and CFL Week 2 recap

This week on www.RougeRadio.com show 8 of 2012, Jenn Annis talks with Mike Beamish from the Vancouver Sun to recap the games in Week 2 on the CFL including some big name injuries and attendance woes.

Jenn Annis talked with the Lingerie Football League Commissioner Mitchell Mortaza about the upcoming expansion into Canada and asked some tough questions on the league he founded.


This show really is quite good now, you’ve all done a terrific job. Way to pull no punches with Mortaza. Most successful new league? Ha!

Thanks. Jenn isn't a fan of the LFL but still wants to give Canadians the whole story. She knew Mitchell wasn't going to say anything stupid and dig a hole but wanted to ask some good questions. We are all enjoying providing Canadians and fans around the world access to OUR great game.

so what questions did she ask him? maybe ill listen a bit later.

I can't believe this guy thinks people will buy into the LFL.

ask them how anyone truly takes this LFL seriously? I think it's the dumbest idea since the XFL..