Lewis / Woods / M.O.B. - Eastern All-Stars

Woods and Lewis not surprising based on performance but, while I have not been one who isn't happy with MOB at safety, didn't expect him to be an East All-Star.

Nice surprise

Stephen Logan should be there as punt return specialist !

Logan was the best Special Teams player in the league this year by a large margin.

Woods should win. Played elite football for a whole season on a defense that had to be on the field much, much more often than BC's defense did. Was always around the ball, making plays.

The voters know nothing! Banks wins this award every year before the season even starts :roll:

Woods should win. But, the lazy voters usually just look at who has the most tackles and give him the award. :roll:

What's even more ridiculous is that he served a two game suspension for doping. That alone should have disqualified him from the ballot.

I can't even understand this one. Even some Cats fans think he's had a terrible season.

Yup , count me in as one Cat fan who thinks that. I also agree with you about Logan, he would’ve got my vote (If I had one) over Banks for not only the All-Star team but for the Eastern nominee for Best Special team player as well. Banks has done pretty much nothing special since the halfway point of the season while Logan was consistently impressive all season long whenever I watched him play for you guys.

Hey Bobo waves

CFLPA announced their All-Star team for 2016 2 days ago. After the 462 ballots by players and positional coaches were counted, only one Al received enough votes to be named an All-Star for his position. That player however is no longer with the team.


Too funny! :lol: :roll:

Logan, Woods, and Johnson didn't even merit consideration? All this teaches me is not to pay any attention to awards handed out in this league.