Lewis Ward Record

OK, so a big deal is being made about Lewis Ward setting a football record for the most consecutive field goals beating outAdam Vinatieri of the NFL.

My question: is this a valid comparison given that the two games are different, with different rules, different fields and different number of downs etc.?

Not trying to throw shade on Lewis Ward’s achievement but just curious to know how it is you can set records across two leagues with some significant differences in rules and style.

…mmmmmmmm, I think it’s pretty comparable…Anthony Calvillo is recognized as the all-time gridiron football passing leader, behind Damon Allen and then Drew Brees…

Its not because the hashmarks are directly lined up with the goal posts in the NFL and CFLs are wider making longer kicks from the side hashmarks a much more difficult kick than an nfl kick of the same exact distance from the side hashmark would actually be a couple yards shorter if left to right yardage was counted.

Much harder to be consecutive kicker in the CFL than NFL because of that

Ok. I can’t argue that one way or another. So perhaps I can ask an additional question: does the CFL and the NFL recognize each other’s records across the leagues? In otherwords, would the NFL accept Ward’s record as supersedingAdamVinatieri?

It is probably the most valid… Different rules, different fields and different number of downs has no bearing on field goal attempts like most other records…x number in a row is X number in a row regardless of the size of the field etc

Makes sense. Thanks for that.

Hell no

Completely agree.

Of any position in CFL/NFL records, field goal kicking has to be the most easily comparable.

As already stated, “hell no”.

Americans would have to have some understanding of the Canadian game - that field goal kicking is VERY comparable among the two leagues - before they acknowledge the record.

What about the CFL’s use of kicking tees for field goals? They are not allowed in the NFL. Would that might make it easier for CFL kickers?

No it’s not. You can’t compare records set in some namby-pamby bush league south of the border playing a bastardized version of real football with Lewis Ward’s great record. Yay for Lewis Ward!

Who cares what Americans think? Yay for Lewis Ward!

I concur


The best CFL story this year . Needs to be a half hour segment . Security guard at TD place sets all Pro record for consecutive field goals .

Needs to be pushed by ESPN by TSN influence . If we need validation . Which we don’t .

That 52 yarder was epic and was glad I saw it live . Guys were screaming in the stands not to attempt it .

It was priceless when it went thru .

I like your philosophy on this Balticfox! :slight_smile:

Canton, Ohio should recognize this Pro Football Hall of Fame. I’m sure they will.

Fantastic season from that kid. Not sure if it was fair sending him out to break the record on a 52-yard attempt but it made it memorable.

I have heard the comment that it is questionable simply because the assumption is that the average NFL FG is longer, for a couple reasons. I have not looked into that, but the reasoning is:

  • a kick from the 10 is not the same distance.
  • CFL has more hesitation on long ones due to return potential.

I am in the corner of “I don’t really care,” but if pressed, no, it is not on the same list. Are we going to start pulling in comparisons with the Mexican league? The AAFL? People, including myself, always state that these are different games. Can’t have it both ways.

You have to try it. It cheapens the record if you coach around the record.
With that wind distance was not an issue so you try it.