Lewis TDs

..would like to see Nik get more than one TD this year...I know he made significant contributions last year in terms of clutch catches and drive-saving receptions, how a guy makes 70 grabs and over 1K yards and only scores one major is beyond me, weird, but not his fault is what I'm trying to say, Cope seemed to be the go-to guy in the red zone with single coverage...

With Cope gone, he'll be the go to guy. I expect to see him catch a couple of TDs when I head down to MacMahon tomorrow to catch the home opener.

Been too long without football.

Let's go STAMPS!!

Was his lone TD scored against BC? the one where his celebration was acting like he didnt know what was happening? I am not a fan of the TD celebration (I like Joffery's style of a high 5 and a hug...), but that one got me laughing!

he is doing way better in the touch down department this year. i knwo lots of fans from other teams hate him. but on the fan apreciation day before labour day, he styed and talked and signed autographs until no one was left. that is a plyer that cares about his fans!

...good point chh, a lot of CFL fans from other cities distain Lewis for the player, but don't know him for the person....he is producing a great season thus far and while others dont' see it quite like we do he is also maturing as a leader as well....when Cope left some locker-room leader shoes needed to be filled there and I can see Lewis going a long way to doing just that...

the jersey i wear every game is the lewis Jersey. I wasnt sure how much of a leader lewis would be with Rambo back, but he still seems like the got to guy. it seems like lewis and burris really control the locker room. i wonder if newman would have stayed if lewis and burris hadnt spoken out about it. The best answer to people complaining about lewis celebrating i thought was when he said "then stop me." i really feel he will be in the hall of fame some day. he has changed the way slot is played. with his intense blocks, now catching on with other teams, and his hit em hard attitude.

Mainly its the rider nation that complains about nik Lewis and the celebrating... yet it was the great Don N who started the whole thing with his femine type shake in the endzone. I dont dislike him for it, i just think between that and the gizmo flip, it layed the ground work for what we have today. cept i still cant tell the difference between one that gets a flag and one that doesnt. like the davis one must have been borderline...