Lewis streak ends

After 166 games Nik Lewis was held off the stats page on Thursday. I am a big fan of Lewis, possibly the only Eskimo fan that would make that statement but living in Calgary, I see the things he does off the field and in the community and you can't help but like the guy. The question I have though, is it time for the big guy to call it a career? I thought he looked awkward out there on Thursday, I hope I am wrong but it looks to me that the minute flag is up on his career.

Speaking of being old, I just had a thought while typing the last line, how many people out there have no idea what a minute flag is? :cowboy: :lol:

Must have dropped out of this old guy's memory.
Been a CFL fan since the mid-70s. Can't remember a minute flag.
Please explain.

That is one heck of a streak.

Does anyone know the record in pro football (CFL and NFL)? I'd be curious to see where it ranks.

Well it looks like no one else yet knows what a minute flag is either, and welcome back Chief!

Even as a fan of the Eskimos I'd like to see Lewis play like for years again, as he is something else and there is no other player like him beyond also his position at slotback.

5-10 240 and running pass routes and jumping around and over folks? You would think he's fat, but I don't think so when he's healthy.

For those following him longer than have I, I wonder what was his original playing weight and how much it has gone up over the years?

Now I do feel old. The minute flag was used to indicate to the teams and fans that the quarter was in its last minute. The field clock was not official. With one minute to go a sideline official would hold up a flag to indicate it was the last minute. Then when the clock ran out and the game was over, the official would shoot a gun (starters pistol) to indicate that time had elapsed.

Often in cases like this where there is a streak held by a respected veteran, the teammates will try to do something to keep it alive. Thus, I was somewhat surprised the Stamps did not just throw one his way as Lewis was still in there late in the game.

When they had time clock problems at BC Place a couple of weeks ago, they actually used the minute flag.

Lewis's playing time was severely limited after Matt Walker went out. Forced us to use
an IMPORT at running back, and a extract CANADIAN receiver.

Not a big fan of that streak, i remember the little rider who had a similar streak. Guy seemed like he
was only good for one pass a lot of games.


There has been a few occasions where there has been receivers who lost yards on passes behind the LOS, just to keep streaks alive.


Jerry Rice went 274 games with at least 1 catch.

He looked injured when they showed him running his route. Looked very slow and almost looked like he was running with a limp.

  1. Are you kidding me? That kind of blows Lewis' streak out of the water. :lol: Thanks for the link. :thup:

CFL record is 216 by ...

Don Narcisse of course. My fave Rider of the 90s.

I believe that Geroy has the 2nd longest streak, somehwre in the 190s.