Levy food video promo

so, did the promo video rear its ugly head again this week?
I didn't notice it but perhaps I missed it.

And, any comments on the food or lack there of on Sunday?

really?!? we just win a huge game with a 4th string qb and you want to bring up negatives.


So you're saying it was crap?

I think they are improving but it's just stadium food. It won't ever be good or reasonably priced.

I don't know about that, the skydome has excellent food.
And didn't the video say THF had the best food around?

I normally get a slice of pizza, I know its not great but I kinda like crappy PizzaPizza at games ans movie theatres. But this time as I was getting off the highway I saw there was a PizzaPizza in the plaza. So we pulled in and grabbed a large pizza ($8), drove to the stadium, parked and had pizza and beers ($2 each) in the truck.

So that was pretty good! :rockin:

Skydome has excellent food? Did you really just say that?

Muddy York Market (Section 109):
A "fresh market" concept that showcases popular food items inspired by Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods, featuring in-house smoked and chopped pork barbecue sandwiches, classic gyros, souvlaki, specialty pizzas, carved smoked turkey sandwiches, beef and chicken satay, kung pao wraps, sushi box, barbecue chicken nachos, four specialty salads, and a traditional Mediterranean platter. The market features a self-serve beverage area.

King Club (Section 122):
This Labatt-branded bar offers guests a signature carved top sirloin sandwich and a great atmosphere with several high top tables, bar stools and a large video wall. Carrying a selection of Labatt import and signature beers, this is a true Rogers Centre destination before or during our events.

T.O. Sandwich Company (Section 135):
With a series of modern twists on some classic sandwiches offered at Section 125, guests will be tempted to try them all, including: Corned Beef Sandwich, Classic Ruben Sandwich, Smoked Turkey Sandwich, Prosciutto Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Pizza Nova (Section 115):
Specializing in fresh toppings, this family-owned business features cheese, pepperoni and monthly specialty pizzas.

Queen Street Favourites (Sections 119 & 123):
Enjoy traditional ballpark fare such as hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels and nachos.

Hogtown Grill (Sections 120 & 127):
When standard fare won’t do, enjoy specialty hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and chicken sandwiches with your choice of toppings such as peppers & onions, cheese, bacon and mushrooms.

T.O. Street Eats (Section 125):
Located at Section 135, this soon-to-be fan favourite will feature foods from local neighbourhoods with unique signature creations by Executive Chef Elizabeth Rivasplata, including: Classic Corn Dog, Lager Battered Fish & Chips, T.O. Eats Beef Brisket Poutine Box, Liberty Village Sausage Poutine Box, McCain Crisp Frites


Let me know when THF has BBQ chicken nachos and Lagar battered fish and chips......

PPS....on Sunday we got us some of those delicious French fries...to my wife's dismay ...no vinegar available anywhere. Salt and ketchup are your choices of toppings.

And I do believe the video said something about serving the best food in any stadium anywhere in North America. This Was said by a stadium food expert.

In the immortal words of Mr John Lennon..." it's not even the best food in southern Ontario."
Picture that with a Liverpudlian accent. Quite funny :lol:

who has that? the skydump? sounds fricken awesome.

Your kidding right?

check the google if you don't
believe me

i want bbq chicken nachos :thup:

Oh I believe you. I just don't consider that to be good food. It's just dressed up stadium food with inflated prices. See my original post.

Ryan , just down the HWY, you can’t miss it.

You know I was fine with the crappy food at the stadium . I really only use it for beer but when they showed that video 2 weeks ago right before half time, it really really really rubbed me the wrong way.
I assume they never showed it again because they realized it was a huge slap in the face to its paying public…oops

Garney, I can not speak for all the food on the Skydome list above but I can tell you last year I stopped at the market place and for 11 bucks I got a corn beef on rye that was 3 inches thick...and it came with a f'n pickle.....it was more than great.

My buddy got a pulled pork sandwich 2 weeks ago at THF for 9 bucks and he said the meat barely covered the bottom of the bun......

I'm willing to bet the BBQ chicken nachos at the Dome kicks the A$$ of anything on the THF menu.

I still can't get over the goofball in the video saying it's the best food in any stadium anywhere...really?

Its the best stadium food...in Hamilton...

When you're the only one on the list, its easy to be at the top.

The one thing that I think needs to change is the availability of Food Trucks, or Street Meat outside the gates. Any time I've gone to a Jays game, I always grab a hot dog or sausage outside before heading in. I think I've seen 1 food truck this whole season.

And yes, the pulled pork sandwich is something they should be embarrassed to serve. Its served on a regular, store-bought hamburger bun. For the price you pay there should be more meat than a McDonald's burger, but there is isn't. And its dry as hell.

I had better food from my high school cafeteria.

I am not as experienced with attending major events and when I do, I usually do not eat. The question I have is with all the posters on this site and experience at attending events, which venue has the best food? Perhaps the cats and Levy foods can learn and improve. (Forgive me for trying to come up with a solution).

I think I've already covered all that in my post earlier.. Re skydome.