Levy food video promo

Anyone else feel insulted by the Levy food promo just before half? Clips of 2 inch thick beef tenderloin and salmon fillets seared to perfection and being advertised as some of the best food being served anywhere in the world, ere at Tim Horton's field.
Don't remember any of that available today.
And to top it off, as far as I could tell on the lower west side concourse, they were completely out of food.
Person after person in front of me was reaching the cash and walking away.
It appeared only snacks and beer left.

Back to the original point, if you want to sell tenderloin to the millionaires in the suites fine, just don't rub it in our faces right before half.....

Ya most of that food is only available in the club and suite section

I was annoyed by it too. They talked a big game but the stuff they provide for the average fans is sub-par IMO. I go out of my way to grab snacks before the games now because the food you get at the stadium is overpriced and often low quality. A few different times this season I've had a bad experience at the concessions. Cold food after long waits, waiting forever for food as your order is served to others, running out of coffee (running 1 coffee machine). The food options are pretty basic, french fries, hot dogs, poutines (with a few different toppings) and pizza that is totally inconsistent in size. A friend of mine got a slice of pizza today that cost $5, and the thing wasn't even half the size of the cardboard cutout they gave him to hold it.

Levy hyped up the menus and food quality that was going to be available to us when THF was still under construction. What we get as fans who aren't in club or suite level, is basic stadium food. It's disappointing.

I was going to start a thread about this when I got home. I asked my wife if she remembered what food stand had the tiers of cakes and pies. :smiley:

Dumb to have that promo piece playing for all the fans that couldn't even tell you where the mystery luxury restaurant is located. And that guy saying that he had been to 4 major events and Ti-cat games were their equal because of the food quality? Guess he only goes to eat and not to watch any of those silly sports. :?

As someone who sits on the East side I assumed the filet and cakes was just on the West side. So the ad only showed the Patrician food in the suites? Yes, that rubs it in everyone's face.

For the record, the food at the Argos games at SkyDome (I refuse to call it Rogers Center) is way better than that at THF. The food at Percival-Molson Stadium (the Alouettes) is better. And the food at TD Place (the Red Blacks) is better. The food at our home stadium is very disappointing. Heck, the food of the food trucks at Guelph Gryphons Stadium was way better.

I have no idea what the guy in the commercial is talking about, but he must not have been to the above stadiums.

A footnote to my above post… The hot food options were nowhere to be found at half time… Can anyone confirm this on the west side… Again, I didn’t order it but witnessed several people in line walking away.

Ps… A friend joined us on the concourse level mid conversation about the above and mentioned he received a pulled port sandwich earlier and the meat barely covered the surface of the bun… For 10 bucks. He took it back and asked for it to be fixed which he believed added Maybe an ounce to the whopping total…

Are there any positive food stories from the game.

Bang on! Bought four beers and a slice of pizza. Paid more for that than for my tickets. My wife asked me where we could get the food shown on the video clip.

I waited 20 minutes in line to find out there were no more nachos. It was only the 3rd Q.
Too bad their menu signs can't be updated to say "Sold Out" of whatever food is gone... Oh well.

No cheese curds for Poutine or pepperoni pizza on West Side in second quarter.
So fries and gravy and cheese pizza were what we had to have.
I heard the guy behind me complain they ran out of hot dogs.
BTW, there was no line up and it was still slow to get my non-cheese curdless poutine and pizza.
Seems like concessions took a step backwards today.

They need to back to the old days have have a kid going around with a cooler full of steamed hot dogs with nice soft buns wrapped in tinfoil...stop trying to fool everyone with stadium food that they claim is had such thought put into it so they can charge so much.

This department needs a shake up for next year.
They were smoking more than salmon when they made that video!!

yep I snuck a bag of skittles in

I sat in the club section a few games ago and the food there doesn't seem any better, I had fajitas and rice the game I went to and they were cold and tasteless. The only good thing was that it was free unless you consider that cost of the ticket covers what you eat plus some.

Had a good laugh at that video. So did everyone in my section 214. First, the staff at the concession counter were great, happy to greet and plentiful. Unfortunately, the food is awful. Tasteless hotdogs, stale popcorn. My son and I ordered chicken fingers and fries. I was upbeat because I had to wait 5 minutes or so, to get them...with anticipation they arrived, plentiful in their container. Sad part is they were cold. I guess I should just stick to the pizza slice. :frowning:

This video was the biggest joke! I waited in line for 15 minutes yesterday for a lousy hot dog. This video spoke to the handful of corporate sponsors who get to sit in a premium area.

I went in line just prior to half time only to find out that they ran out of Hot dogs and fries.

I have given up trying to eat at the stadium the food sucks i eat before i go to the game even if it is mcdonalds .the last time we had good concession food at ivor wynne was when Kays Pizzaria did the concessions unfortunatly the sponsers denningers should stick to shniztles not hot dogs the chicken strips are pintys which you can find better ones out there (presidents choice)so we are stuck with sponsers food products which are below my standards

Food here is crap. After game 1 this year and a cold hot dog and cardboard fries, I gave up right away.
The guy who sat in front of me came back from the concessions in the first quarter with nachos, ate a few then said they were crap and threw them out.
I was in the club seats one game and the food is no better than cafeteria style. Would never pay the premium it costs for those seats. I can have a nice meal before any game in a restaurant and be better off. It was so crowded, we had to eat standing up.

I figured that I would give the pulled pork sandwich a shot, looked pretty good in the picture and figured for the WAY overpriced $9.50, it might be half decent. Boy was I wrong...and pissed. First of all, it was about half the size that you would expect, on a plain hamburger bun and dry as hell. Had I not already fought the crowd to get back to my seat I would have asked for my money back. It was a total waste.

Surprised to hear everyone has had as bad of an experience as I have when going to the concessions. I think the Ticats will definitely evaluate it over the off season and make the much needed improvements, as IMO they are the best organization in the league when it comes to taking care of fans, and I'm sure Bob Young has read over this thread.

My only request for next game.. please please please have enough hot beverages to meet the demand. After all, it's Tim Hortons Field

I thought it was hilarious.

The reality is they were out of hot dogs, fries and WATER at halftime.


If you sit in section 105 and have an extra 2500bucs for the caretakers club you could also enjoy the top notch food seen on this video! Other wise boiled hotdogs and no more coffee or hot chocolate is for you !