Levonne Rowan

According to the transaction section at CFL.ca, the Bombers have added import DB Levonne Rowan to the non-active list. According to his wikipedia page (which is not updated to show him with the Bombers) Rowan is 5'11", 198 lbs. He is from Erie, PA and went to the same high school as Jovon Johnson (they are cousins). Rowan played college ball at Wisconsin and was signed by the Eagles, released and then was signed by Oakland. I have found a couple of references that say he was with Frankfurt in NFL Europa in 2007. I can't find anything for him in 2008 or this season.

......LOOK-SEES ...for the future, ala the expanded roster, now allowed till the end of the season.....good time to have some talent to peruse for the rest of the campaign....I believe we have also signed Chase Ortiz de...who was here for t.c.....He must have resonated with the coaches... :thup:

His wiki page has been updated now. I've heard that he was having a few footwork problems at practice today but that probably comes with not playing for a while. I hope he does well.