Levels guarantees victory over Ticats

For you my friend. From Ticat fan Othello, with apologies to Wm. Shakespeare.

Wait you, a word or two before you go
You’ll be done and gone quite soon and you k’nowt.
No more of you. I pray you, in your boasts
When you shall imaginary deeds propose,
Speak the truth as it is; nothing extenuate.
I advise not in malice, for I speak
Of a team playing not wisely or too well;
Of one not easily winning, and being wrought,
Perplex’d in the extreme; sent forth the tongue
Of knavish Levels, spewing foolish boast-
So like all his team. They will not win the game,
And like the snow shall melt away
And drop tears as upon the frozen turf.


And Punch Imlach stated that Montreal would not defeat Toronto with a junior "B" goalie. Punch was right.

Let's not forget about the Anchors then HC Leo Cahill and his famous guarantee about his team being in the Grey Cup .

" Only an act of God can stop us now " :cloud_with_lightning: :cloud_with_lightning:

Not soon after a big bolt of lightning sunk the Anchors on their way to the Grey Cup . :laughing:

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