Letters to Bob (Young) & the Save Ivor Wynne project

You always refer to Ivor Wynne as an old girl/lady etc.

Ivor is a guy's name, not a girl's name ....... ergo, the stadium is male :wink:

Not sure why anyone would want to upgrade a stadium Bob Young has indicated he is unable to make any money at. IMO the only way IWS can be made viable is the following;

1/ Demolish Scott Park School that has been empty for years.

2/ Close Cannon St from Sherman Ave. to Gage Ave.

3/ Build the "New IWS Stadium" on the Scott Park property.

4/ Demolish evey home/ business from Barton to King St - Gage to Sherman.

5/ Build Hotels and the Football Hall of Fame and other buisness opportunities
attached to the stadium.

6/ Scrap the entire idea and build at Confederation Park...................... you can not reburbish an 80 year old stadium in
a low income run down area. This plan does nothing to inhance the future of Hamilton and it's future.

Insert foot in mouth.......would you like a little gravy with that crow pie...........haha

I think after the hyperbole of this entire debate, folks on this site can at least step back and agree on one thing: it is a great day for Ticat Nation that this compromise can see the Cats sign a long-term lease to play in Hamilton in a new IWS.

Hopefully the political will is going to be there to make that work for all concerned.

I think it is safe that few if any people on this site could have predicted this really really really really really bad version of The Sims coming to life. At a minimum, Larry Pattison should be applauded for his dedication to the IWS site no matter how folks may see its future utility.

That place remains hallowed ground for any Cat fan and the fact that its legacy can continue under the proposed agreement today is great as far as I am concerned, speaking as a fan.

Oski Wee Wee,


Well said, Russ.

I've e-mailed my city council woman twice recently, urging her to support the Ivor Wynne Project. The $70 million from the provincial and federal governments could create a lot of local jobs as well as improve our sports and recreation infrastructure. I was amazed by her fixation on hurt feelings and how the west harbour was voted on six times but was rejected by the Caretaker. I thought city council would see the importance of moving on after the election of Mayor Brattina and his pro stadium stance but apparently I'm wrong. For some members of council this has gotten personal and I fear they will vote NO to the Ivor Wynne Development.

I know there are many contributors on this site who have contacted local politicians urging their support. Thanks for all you've done. For others like me who have sat on the sidelines, I urge you to contact your alderman and let her/him know exactly how you feel. I assumed my alderwoman would represent my views and those of the majority of voters but I was wrong.

Pat Lynch( the old guy)

Hi Pat. That's all any of us can really do. Let our councillors know how we feel.

In this post (http://saveivorwynnestadium.com/blog/?p=221), I asked everyone to email their councillor's, with 'I Support the Save Ivor Wynne Stadium Project’ in the subject line. I am not sure if that would work, but considering the amount of emails and phone calls they must be getting, including messages non-stadium related, (I should say 'are' not 'must', as councillors who have emailed me have noted the emails are pouring in), that statement in the subject line surely would make it much easier for them to determine how their constituents are feeling about this latest proposal.

Here is an image http://saveivorwynnestadium.com/i%20support%20the%20siws%20project.jpg of how their inbox might look. Of course, the emails wouldn't be all from me, but tell me that doesn't send a message across. Their jobs are to speak for their constituents. I think that would say it all. Their contact numbers/emails by the way, can all be found at the bottom of this page. http://www.hamilton.ca/YourElectedOfficials/WardCouncillors/ If you wanted to include something in the message body of your email but you are not sure what to say, is there a story on my site or elsewhere, that highlights how you feel as to why the stadium should be saved and the government and future fund money used for this project? Maybe The Spec's story on Ivor Wynne (http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/473273--what-s-in-a-stadium-name) - the man, or mine (http://saveivorwynnestadium.com/blog/?p=226). It would surely mean more coming from your heart than mine, but anything you do will certainly hellp in some small way.

My goal when I delegate on Monday, is not only to do my best to sway their vote towards the Ivor Wynne proposal, but to encourage a unanamous vote. To encourage them to set aside their perference and loyalty to the West Harbor plan that has been voted and approved 7 times, and to realize that this is what is before us. Agree, dissagree, and be dissapointd and frustated and feel used and walked on and all of that. It's okay to feel that way, but we need to move forward. This isn't about lining a businessman's wallet. It's about civic pride. About the people. About a boost to a code red community, and yes, continuing a 141-year tradtion. Their is city building at 75 Balsam and I think that is what matters most.

Anyways, I have much more to say, but that is my goal. For us as a city to move head unanamously, into a brighter future for Hamilton. This opportunity for us, could quite possibly create a whole new 'gateway' to our downtown. You must pass Ward 3 to access downtown from the QEW, so this is our chance to create something special along that path.

Anyways, thanks for your support in this plan. It doesn't matter how involved you are, because a simple email and phone call could make all the difference in the world. Especially if hundreds or thousands of us did as such - right now.

Whoever screams loudest, get's heard. You've seen how active West Harbor supporters have been through all of this, so you can be assured that they are still fighting to prove why the Harbor is still the best choice. As they should continue to fight for what they believe in.

We need to scream louder. I have heard you all roar for our Cats at Ivor Wynne stadium, so I know you have it in you to roar FOR Ivor Wynne.

Show them how WE do things in Tiger Town. 75 Balsam Ave N IS Black and Gold. West Harbor (where football is concerned), is Blue and Gold. What are your colors?

It's first and goal. What's your play?