Letters From Camp

Just a spot to drop some notes and rumours from training camp.

You've probably heard by now that Imoan Claiborne is really standing out at DB, a couple of reporters have pointed that out. I've seen Armageddon Draughn mentioned as well, for a guy signed late.

[b]Imoan (Claiborne)[/b]...had a great off-season. That’s a prime example as a professional. The off-season is your time to get better. He used his time well and he has come in and been a heckuva lot better than he was last year.?
I sometimes forget to check his stuff, but Le Droit's Martin Comtois usually has very good content. He pointed out that [b]Darryl Paulo[/b] has been starting at left defensive end opposite Gascon-Nadeau. According to Tim Baines, it's been Zack Evans and Connor Williams in the middle, so three Canadians on the defensive line.


Defensive end [b]John Biewald[/b], a local kid who made play after play during his Canadian Interuniversity Sport career with the Western Mustangs and is now looking great in a Canadian Football League environment.

Said (Mark) Nelson: “I like him. He just does everything right … he can do a lot of things. Guys like that, they make it where you can’t cut them because they do too much and they do it too good. He has been a pleasant surprise, but not really a surprise because that’s why we brought him here.

I would like to see Armageddon make the team and he uses his first name on the back of his jersey.

Remember Jake Silas? American OT on the right side for a while? Had yet to be seen and apparently quietly retired due to a right shoulder injury that wasn't healing right.

Wide receiver Jake Harty practised with fullbacks/tight ends Patrick Lavoie and Anthony Gosselin in one drill Monday, but Campbell said nothing should be read into that. Said Campbell: “He’s a receiver. He’s tough and physical enough that he can block, so sometimes he does drills with the running backs. His position hasn’t changed. He’s going to be a receiver that has the ability to block and do some of those things, which makes him more valuable.?
Gillanders also practiced with the ball-carriers, but that's not completely new.

Was said to have gone home, suspected to have retired, but evidently not.

Offensive lineman Jake Silas, coming off a shoulder injury, has returned to the Redblacks