Letter to Local Newspaper

I sent the following letter to my local Newspaper The Hamilton Spectator. If you like whats said maybe you should send your own letter to your local paper about what you would like to see about the CFL.

I would like to make a suggestion for your consideration. I would love to see in your sports section during the CFL offseason more CFL Stories. Some of the things I have been talking with several people about is maybe interveiws with current and past players with highlights of their career, a where are they now, maybe some stories on the people on the Ticat wall of fame or players in the Hall of Fame and the History of the CFL. I'm not sure how many people know that the Ticats played the Buffalo Bill' years ago. Maybe some stories on the history of the CFL.
This being the offseason alot of people still are interested in the CFL. This also could help to keep the interest level of a Canadian sport up and could also help to bring the younger generation interest level up. This is a Canadian game and I think as Canadians we need to support Canadian sports.

Super idea killic, nice stuff!!

I also sent a copy to the CFL and Tiger Cat Media departments

Very good idea killic. Being from Montreal, it's basically all Habs, all the time (even in the offseason). The Als get no respect from the local media. To most of them, football only starts in September with the NFL. It's a shame that so many Canadians turn all their attention to the NFL instead of appreciating what's in their own backyard. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the NFL but why some people feel that you can't like both is beyond me.

Great idea and more fans in the area should follow suit. :smiley:

I dont believe that is needed here in Sask as the Riders are the only pro team here. We get all the off-season news because right now, the Regina Pats, Moose Jaw Warriors, Prince Albert Raiders and Saskatoon Blades all s-u-c-k this year. Bad hockey by the WHL teams means more Rider stories around here :lol: