Letter to Larry DiIanni

Dear Larry
What the #&*%?@+! are you waiting for, Freddy Boy (Eisenberger) with his sleasy, behind the back dealings with Katzs instead of the Cats. Just handed you about 40-50 thousand ticat fan votes on a silver plater.( Remember you only lost to him by 400 votes last time) Even his council was kept out of the talks. Please Larry give us someone to vote for that can return the respectability and trust to the Mayors office, that this current mayor is so lacking.

Even his council was kept out of the talks.

That is just plain weird I think or is this the norm in most cities and how things are done? :?

8) Reliable, inside information says that Larry will be running for Mayor.

Where did the 40-50,000 number come from?

If there are 40-50,000 Ticat fans that are eligible to vote in Hamilton, why they hell aren't we selling out more games?

Maybe Bob wouldn't be losing so much money if they all came out.

  • paul

It’s just ‘plain weird’.

And let’s make it Larry Dianni. (I’m not quite sure who this Larry DiIanni guy is)

Larry DiIanni (which is a capital 'I' not a lower case 'l') is the former mayor of Hamilton. Larry Dianni (with no second 'I') is no one. I still don't understand why people get confused by this.

I think Larry wanted to wait until Fred totally imploded on the stadium issue...........then he can ride in like the Lone Ranger, survey the smoking ruins of the Fred Camp and seize the day. Laying low up until now was good strategy.

Mayor Larry will probably announce his candidacy very soon to take advantage of the fiasco........ Who could blame him? :wink:

deerhunter what is you affiliation to liuna?what can larry bring to the table ...bussinessman..no a teacher and remmber what shaw said about teachers>

No big deal, but I think it is written as Di lanni (note space) and I sure hope he throws his hat in the ring for the next election.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2006/08/25/diianni-guilty.html]http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/ ... uilty.html[/url]

No thanks. I'll pass on Di Ianni. "Honest mistake" ummm hmmm

From the article:
"The mayor is believed to be the first public official to be found guilty of violating the Municipal Elections Act, which regulates election fundraising in Ontario."

Another first for Hamilton :lol: ... I dont know enough about the case to pass judgment. However over the last few weeks he's come off as the typical Liberal opertunist. He avoided throwing his hat in to avoid being involved with the stadium debate (specially since he himself supported WH as a stadium site in the past). Now that the momentum has shifted away from Fred's intiative hes entering the race. Typical 'path of least resistance' opertunitism as far as I'm concerned. I'll wait to see the election platforms before I make my choice.

I've seen it both with a space and without. With a space would make it much, much easier for people to not screw it up.

I'm not a supporter of Larry Di Ianni and I certainly never voted for him (mainly because of his connections with the Liberals who are now like the diet coke version of the Conservatives) however, to people using that CBC article.

The judge said he was lenient because of Di Ianni's lack of intent and good community service record, the Hamilton Spectator reported.

I too would love to see Larry and for that matter a few other bonafide candidates run for office so they could all have a good old honest debate about the all of the issues that matter to the City's tax payers - its part of the democratic process. I hate to see anyone win office by acclaimation.

Not sure however where the stadium issue will fit in in relative importance on that slate.

Having said that, I hope the OP is aware that Larry was/is a proponent of the WH stadium location.


Because Hamilton is not the kind of city where all the fans can afford season’s tickets. For many, 1-3 games per year is about all the pocketbook can handle, especially with kids etc.

Hat’s of to Larry :cowboy: …and let’s get the rest of the lefty, tree hugger councillors out of there also.

8) Hey "buckwheat", where have you been ?? Haven't seen you on here in quite a while.
 You must remember Dell Shannon also, with Hat's off to Larry !!!   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

 Actually, the last good mayor that Hamilton has had was the late Jack MacDonald !!

Id love to see Bernie Morelli run for Mayor. His no BS attitude is just what the city needs. What you see is what you get with Morelli. Great guy to talk to...loves the city...loves the Ticats...and is very progressive. But I dont think it will happen....

Agreed. I wrote him once about the lack of off leash parks in the lower city. Threw out a few ideas. Within 6 hours I had a response inviting me to his office to talk about them. I was floored.

Go Larry Go! Anyone has to be better than Fred!!