Letter to Hugh O'Beard

Dear Mr. O'Beard,

You will truly be missed by the Eskimo fans. Not because you are a prodigy at kicking, or even punting. No, you will be missed because you are a third mascot to the Eskimo team. When Nanook went down with an injury mid-season, we could still count on your unruly beard to inspire us all. We appreciate the excitement you added to the game; a 20-yard field goal was no longer a sure thing, you kept us all on the edge of our seats every time you kicked the ball. I will never forget how shocked I was when you replaced Grant Shaw in 2013 as the starting field goal kicker. After Shaw suffered the injury in 2014, we knew who was going to be the go-to guy. Although you were not the best kicker in CFL history, you were the underdog who we all wanted to succeed. Unfortunately, you are now released from the Eskimos - at least you still have a great beard! Good luck with your education, Bearded Wonder.


An Eskimos Fan