Letter from CFL fans to the NFL

If the NFL was to come full time to Toronto, it may not kill off the CFL. The fact is though, some of the owners in the CFL are concerned it will do just that. If you are like me, you like both the CFL and the NFL; we are not anti-NFL. We are fans of the NFL and CFL; we don’t want to see our game put at risk if the NFL comes north. We already watch the NFL and buy its merchandise, why sit quietly by as it comes north for the benefit of southern Ontario and to the possible detriment to the rest of the country?

The NFL doesn’t need a team in Canada but Canada does need the CFL.

If you agree with the statement below, (in red); cut and paste and email it along with your name and address to blakeroberts@shaw.ca. I’ll forward everything we get to the CFL and NFL powers that be. Let’s see if the NFL REALLY cares about football fans in Canada. Pass this along to everyone you know and please be sure to include a valid email address and valid name and address that can be verified for petition purposes.

"I am a Canadian Football fan. A Canadian football fan should be able to enjoy the CFL and the NFL. While the possible expansion of the NFL into Toronto may be good for southern Ontario football fans, it could put at risk the long-term viability of the CFL. As a football fan from Canada I appreciate the NFL playing a game a year in Toronto, but ask that no expansion team is granted for Canada and that no current NFL team is allowed to relocate permanently here. Please allow Canadian fans to continue to enjoy the NFL AND the CFL.

The CFL is a part of Canadian culture. Despite the dollars present there, Southern Ontario is only a part of Canada and doesn’t represent the best interest of the rest of the country. I can respect the current arrangement between the Buffalo Bills and Rogers Centre, but nothing beyond that. I am a football fan, but I am very passionate about the CFL. While expansion may look good from a business standpoint, the ramifications that affect Canadian sports and culture would be detrimental to both sides. I think that the NFL needs to keep in mind what the CFL means to CANADA before it considers expansion or team relocation. "