Let's win the whole damn thing...

I'm reminded of the movies slap shot and major league with this current stadium scenario. A possibly doomed franchise with seemingly nothing left to play for. While nothing is confirmed, if this is the end, I say we go out in a blaze of glory. I don't care what happens, I will be a Hamilton Tiger-Cats supporter right down to the very end. This is a message to the rest of the fans on this board, and the players. To the fans: Don't give up on this team. Remember all the good times at ivor wynne, now let's go down there and have a few more. To the players: Play your damn hardest, because when all the dust settles, whether the team stays or goes, this team will always be part of this cities history, and I want fond memories. I say for the next two seasons we pack the house whether the team is staying or going, and cheer this team on to consecutive Grey cups, I know this team has it in them. My favourite memories are at that old stadium cheering on the Cats, and I plan on making a few more, see you on labour day when I plan on celebrating a huge win over the Argos, Oskee wee wee!

At least it's not like the Nordiques or Jets moving to the US. That bugged me. If the Cats move to another Canadian city, it's still in Canada, thank goodness! :expressionless:

I love the Cats forever - wherever!

And BY, I'd work for you for free, if I could afford it. :wink:
Now I grew up as an Argo fan and if the Cats are the QC Cats (Tigres), well I've got one f... of a problem on my hands. :wink:

Although it's going to a province that does not want to be a part of Canada. :?

jordan, it’s a small faction around Rimouski and outlying QC areas. The majority really don’t want it I don’t think.

Go to Gaspe sometime, a great melding there of French and English, Quebec is a wonderful province, just don’t let the separatists you come in contact with bug you too much.

Wasn't the last vote like 51% to 49 % ?

Ok, I don't have facts but I just hope they don't really want to separate. Regardless, I love Quebec.

I hate the french :stuck_out_tongue: lol


French is good boys, guess I better watch what I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me, it's very good, not all but some, sweet. :stuck_out_tongue:

The 'last vote' was almost 15 years ago and was close partly because of a poorly worded question and a campaign of hate-mongering orchestrated by the PQ and the Bloc. Also, even a close split indicated that roughly half the population of Quebec wanted to stay in Canada.

Today, interest in separation is at an all-time low. Furthermore, support for separation tends to come from smaller communities outside Montreal, and not so much in Montreal itself, where most residents understand the financial peril of breaking with Canada, especially in our current economic climate.

Back on topic here, I feel like this is the situation were in right now, and this clip shows the type of attitude our players should have.

Warning: clip contains coarse language.

Major League is a great movie.

You mean the most recent vote? Cause it's definitely not going to be the last one.

Yes it was very close, but I don't think it would be nearly as close today. I wouldn't count on it staying that way, though. All it would take is a federal government doing something that the Quebec Nationalists (aka separatists) could use to sway support to their side.