Lets win at least 2 of the last 3 games to clinch 1st

I think if we can win against BC tomorrow night and win one of the 2 games against Ottawa we can win first place in the East division. Lets have Toronto and Ottawa battle each other in the eastern semi final and we can play the winner at a sold out Tim Hortons Field. That would be the most ideal situation for Hamilton right now


I'll go you one better than that...how about we win all 3...then let Ottawa beat Toronto and we get to beat up on Ottawa for a third time...then off to the The Grey Cup. :wink:

I can't see BC or Ottawa beating us.

you need to get better cable service :slight_smile:

I think if we can have CJ Gable fully healthy playing in the backfield and Andy Fantuz healthy along with Luke Tasker, Terrell Sinkfield, Bakari Grant, Tiquan Underwood and Terrance Toliver and our offensive line intact for the playoffs we should be able to win the east division and go into the grey cup to face either Edmonton or Calgary.

Our defence has been a beast this year and will keep challenging opposing offences. If we can keep making them turn over and Matthews keeps chipping away and gives us some points on the board we should be able to win and make the grey cup

Had a text from my son today asking if I wanted to go to the Ticats playoff game on November 15th. I told him they'd only be playing then if they were in 2nd place. Of course I don't expect to be at THF on the 15th - the 22nd - very likely if he gets playoff tickets - but NOT on the 15th!
We can tie up first with 2 wins as TO needs to win one more game than we do to make it past us, and Ottawa has to make it past both TO and us, TO having the swept their series with the OTTRBs.

Agree woody - let's just win all three and take the guesswork out of it! :smiley:

With the 10 pm (Eastern) start, some fans might be watching parts of the game with their eyes closed - making it VERY hard to "see" regardless of cable service! :lol: Those BC evening games are killers for Eastern viewers.

Have to agree with that. No Grant or Tolliver this week though, but hopefully they'll both be back by the last two games of the season (along with Figueroa).

Are you making a prediction for tomorrow's game?

either that, or one of the next two :slight_smile:

B.C. - 8
Ottawa. -20
Ottawa -23

Good enough for first in the East. Eastern final against the Argos. Grey Cup vs. Calgary. Parade in downtown Hamilton early December. Alls good, :wink:

It’s not clear if whibyguy knows that what he “thinks” is, in fact, true. If the Cats do win 2 of their remaining 3 games, regardless of which 2 they win, they’ll finish first.

And by winning the first 2, they can afford to rest some guys in the 3rd one. Making it a little more likely that they could lose the 3rd one since Ottawa would probably still be fighting for a home playoff game and be more motivated.

I think we clinch first and have a legitimate shot at the Cup with Matthews simply because of the weather. Winterpig in November promises conditions hostile to the passing game. The kind of play calling Condell is making now is what we'll see in an icy Cup. We all remember what a debacle the Eastern final was in Winnipeg a few years ago.

Anyway, first things first - Winning the East!

Matthews only throws to Tasker or Sinkfield anyways :wink:

That would be a fun position to be in. Potentially, we could have the power to choose who finishes in second place. Toronto will have played their last game the day before. If an Ottawa victory allows them to finish ahead of Toronto (but still behind us), we could decide to hand them that opportunity if we wanted the to play at home for the semi.

This is just fan speculation though. I can't imagine a guy like Austin throwing a game. Even if we play lots of backups, I think we'd still play to win.

Let's just focus on this one. Hoping our Cats can win in BC, then worry about next week. You can't take any team in the CFL for granted. Even the Roughriders :lol: Go Cats Go!!!

Ah yes but that was with Bellefeuille as coach, and in the old CanadInns (sp?) stadium. Ticats have yet to lose a game at IGF! :smiley: :smiley: :rockin:

Right. We know that Austin and the players WON'T look beyond this game (that's for fans and media to do! :smiley: )
BC has been playing better of late and has given the EE a run for their money in a couple of games. However, the Ticats are the better team if they are at the top of their game, and call me biased, but I think better than EE too! :rockin: