Lets wait until after the election

Would it be possible to wait until after the October election and get rid of some of these clowns on council?
This overpaid council never got it right to begin with by removing Confederation Park without any input or debate from anyone. They are a joke how they will do anything for an NHL team but treat the tenants they have the Tiger cats and the Bulldogs like second class organizations. I think Bob is looking past this council and is looking forward to negotiations with a hopefully competent new council after the October election.

Wish it were so but HOTSCO wanted the answer months ago and have already said no more extensions.

Have you noticed that everyone that has talked so far since the break. has been in favour of the WH! Who was it that chosse who was able to speak!
This is completly horse crap! They have no intensions of hearing the other side from the begining!

After the vote where the WH will be chosen, HOSTCO and the TigerCats will be making announcements, there will be no waiting around for an election I don't believe. Both know what the next steps are.

I was thinking the same thing.
there are quite a few stupid points being said as well.

and these people just keep coming up talking about the west harbor.
This is not a stadium for school kids, its a football / soccer stadium. why does it need to be near schools and poor children and family's...

Unfortunately,in municpal elections, the incumbent wins most of the time. This is largely due to poor turnout and vote-splitting among challengers. I dont see any of these characters losing this year, based on challengers who have registered thus far. (The only change will be Ward 15-Waterdown-because McCarthy is not running again)

Confederation park and that piece of waterfront should be always keep natural and for use of the public. It would totally be a bad idea to build a stadium there.

I said the same about the RHV, building an expressway with what could have been prime parkland throughout that corridor.

Things get built in our society, just the way it is, and sometimes on green space. Revelation as that is. :wink:

I'm sure the WH stadium will vanish shortly, at best it will become a Velodrome and greenspace. I live within walking distance of WH and I want that crap cleaned up but I can't see how a stadium would improve daily life there as much as a community oriented project; one that doesn't include the odd traffic jams and rock concerts. But I fear nothing will get done after the real government money is pulled.

IMO, the next step is the status quo; play in Ivor Wynne, wait till the bumb bunnies are swept out of city hall, then negotiate a sustainable future for the Ti-Cats. If said bunnies are still pretending to be civic leaders, it breaks my hart to think that all games will be away games.

In preparation for our 'last posession' we need a better strategy. I would suggest disclosing detailled analysis of all the proposed stadium sites

It may be 3rd and long, but it's not over.

That was the Point .. The Jammed it full of Speakers so We get Tired and Leave..