Lets wait and see!

I can honestly say i don't know how alot of you fans our already bashing the moves made by Marcel Desjardin the season has not even started yet and there are alot of peolpe saying that were gonna have a bad year! Just relax and wait and see what happens before everyone starts bashing people. I am a strong beliver that Desardin knows what hes doing, Ive heard alot of people say that we gave away our best reciver, you can find an american reciver any where, i can gaurentee with all the moves weve made on and off the feild that by the time training camp roles around we will be ready to focus on returning to the grey cup.

April 1. I hope the fool list doesn’t extend to Balsam Avenue. I think it’s reasonable to have a fully-raised Spockian eyebrow about the deal until the FA signing period and the draft have settled.

Two Eastern all-star calibre players for a third-string QB does not a trade make…so the draft, FA signings, and recruitment had better point to a more positive outcome.

We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

You know, with an alias like yours, and considering recent cuts, I thought your opinion of Desjardins would be a little different. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I do want to believe that this trade will turn out making some sense, and that Desjardins knows what he is doing. But right now, I find it hard to imagine this being a very good decision. Did it really free up much cap space? Does Butler have much of a future ahead of him? And perhaps most importantly, could we not have tried to get more for what we gave up?

I suppose we'll have to wait and see what happens next. It's a long off-season, but this team has a lot of holes to fill. This off-season so far is kind of like being down by quite a few points after the first quarter. :slight_smile:

Where I disagree here is with the characterization of Butler as a third string QB plus Flick and Smith as allstar calibre.

Butler has been third string in Saskatchewan, but that is only because Barrett held him in reserve behind, successively, Nealon Greene, Henry Burris, Kevin Glenn, Kerry Joseph, and Marcus Crandell. Barrett was always (some would say overly) loyal to his veterans. Whenever I saw Bulter play (and I am NOT just talking about his two games against Hamilton last year) I was impressed. I think he's got talent and upside, so he's a good pickup and should not be dismissed as merely a third string QB. He'll be at least number 2 in Hamilton and might challenge Maas for the top spot (and if Maas plays the way he did last year, for sure Butler would be #1).

Smith an all-star? Then why was he benched for Filice towards the end of the year?

Flick an all-star? He may have been the best receiver in Hamilton last year, but that's not saying very much is it? He was the team's best, but there is no way Flick could be considered a CFL all-star receiver; he's not in the class of a Cahoon, Bruce, Stegall, Dominguez, Lewis, Tucker, or Simon. A good receiver, arguably above average, but no all-star.

So I don't see this trade as being so one-sided in Saskatchewan's favour as some Ticat fans seem to think. In any event, discounting the draft choices it may end up being just Smith for Butler, as given Saskatchewan's current receiving corps and the possibility that they may try to acquire Clermont from BC, there is a possibility that Flick won't even make the team (I'm not saying he won't, just that the possibility exists).

DJ Flick:

2004 Eastern all-star: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_CFL_s ... _All-Stars
Career Stats: http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=r ... ros_id=275

Wayne Smith:
2004 nominee, Outstanding Rookie, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1st overall selection, Canadian Football League draft

I'm not going to quibble over what I mean by "all-star caliber" or what the 2006 season did re the two players in question. No point in over-beating the obvious that Smith was oft-injured and Flick did not have a great year in a passing offence averaging roughly 7 yards per attempt.

I'm also not going to quibble re who was no. 3 on the Riders depth chart last season:

Let's review:

  1. Kerry Joseph
  2. Marcus Crandell
  3. Ian Butler

For more information on the trade and its perceived impact regarding DJ Flick and Wayne Smith, google "Eric Tillman" and enjoy (?)...

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Wee,