Let's use Holmes the right way

Jesse was having a huge night against Winnipeg, but still only carried the ball 12 times. Corey was inserted into the lineup to replace Jesse when the game was still very much in doubt. This just doesn't make sense. Jesse needs more carries, not less.
Why not use Holmes as a slot back? He is then available for screens, end-arounds or straight out patterns. I think if we are just going to use Corey as a substitute for Jesse, then we may as well trade him and plug some of our other holes. I'm not saying that I want him traded, I'm saying play him but with, not instead of, Jesse.

i ahve been saying all season long

hand the ball to jesse more

he got 211 yards off of 12 carries so imagine wat he could do wih 20 carries

Yes simple plays to get Corey the ball in the open field and let him beat the backs. That will certainly open up the middle even more for Jesse, and subsequent opening of the receivers downfield. Cats have been down early in games and appear to abandon gameplan for unsuccessful passing game, due to not establishing the rush.

Taffe is the guy who calls that plays that springs Jesse , dont you think its only a matter of time till he figures out what plays will work with Holmes ?? Its going to happen you just have to be patient !!!

finally! someone talking football sense. right on

I think its more about not working him too hard and trying to prevent too many hits on Jesse. He won't last too long getting hit a lot early in the game. If he is going to be used a lot though I would prefer it was in the last quarter. He could wear a defence down pretty quick at that stage of the game....but only if he is fresh.
And yes...Corey Holmes needs to be in the backfield a whole lot more.

I think it has been said before, even by me, but there are many more factors that contribute to Corey Holmes not being used more on the offensive side of the ball.

Sure it would be great to put him in the backfield, where he has played on occasion this year, but I believe it is a combination of Jesse's play and Corey's deficiency in blocking that is costing him playing time. It is just a matter of his size and physics!

It is no slight to Corey, but if the Ticats are going to employ the power running game Charlie wants, you need bigger bodies like Jesse, Kori, and Julien in the backfield. Coach Taaffe has even stated numerous times in the press that he is impressed with Jesse's blocking prowess.

So that leaves slotback as the only other option. Since Brock Ralph is Canadian, he is always going to play. And that leaves Nate Curry's spot as the only place to play Corey Holmes. Do you want to remove Nate Curry from the starting lineup, a player who is a natural wide receiver/slot back who has been practicing with the first team all year and had a great game last week for someone who hasn't lined up there at all this year? (including a block that sprung Jesse for one of his huge runs!) I really don't know if the Ticats are good enough at this point to take that risk. But I will let Charlie decide.

So where does that leave us? With Corey stuck with second down scatback duties when Jesse needs a breather, special team return duties, and he waits in the wings for injuries to occur and open a spot for him. (which always occurs during the course of the season)

I love Corey as a player and as a locker room guy, but honestly, I think his role in the offense is perfectly logical at this point of it's development and at this point of the season.

There are my two cents, and you didn't even ask for them! :wink:

  • paul

I agree that putting in Corey for Jesse is not going to work all the time. They are different types of runners. Plays for Corey are the first step and then plays where he and Jesse are in the backfield at the same time. Both can run and both can catch the ball out of the backfield.

I sure would like to see more of Julien Radlein as well. The more divesity the better it will be for Jesse.

Brock Ralph doesn't have to play all the time either; as a matter of MY opinion the less the better.

Holmes was a distraction last game, taking carries away from Lumsden, And his kick returns are Downrite scary ,as he has a habit of misplaying the ball, and last game conceded a singles to make a 14 point lead a 13 point lead.-Holmes wasn't the starting Rb in Sask, and he has yet to do much in THE HAMMER!

I question if you can ask Lumsden to run a lot more yards than he is already been carrying the mail (and it would be a lot more, if we could just stop the stupid penalties!) But make him every bit as tired!

My question would be "Have we ever seen a situation with second and short, with Lumsden, Holmes, Radlein, Ralph and Curry on the field at the same time?"

Seems that this combination would about drive the competition nuts on the question of "who do you cover for extra protection"?

Masive kudos to the line for blocking improvements, and the receivers, who at blocking guys for Jesse!


Don't forget Dickerson at TE.

It would be nice if they used Holmes at all let alone the right way. Such a talented and high paid player and the best they can think do do with him is return kicks.

Its truly sad and a lot of fans from other teams think its sad also.

Another thing I don't get is why they keep signing new receivers when they don't even play Holmes.

I agree that plays for Corey and Jesse would be a great step, and with the offensive line playing better with each game that passes, it could happen relatively soon.

But until they can block defenders long enough for the team to set up a screen or hitch pass to Corey, I am afraid you are going to see a lot of Kori Dickerson. (who has shown some soft hands as a receiver as well)

If you take out Brock Ralph (the leagues 7th leading receiver) for Holmes, aren't the Ticats obligated by league rules to start Radelin at fullback due to the ratio?

So essentially it would be Holmes and Radelin in the lineup at the expense of Ralph and Dickerson. I don't know if I would make that switch.

Well I think they are looking for another deep threat/play maker at wide receiver, but the slot back situation has been relatively stable since training camp hasn't it? Corey Holmes is generously listed a 5'8", I would never put him at wide receiver.

And now that I think about it, I think with an American coaching staff coming in from American collegiate football, I think their preference might be towards bigger bodies, yet another reason why Corey Holmes hasn't garnered a lot of playing time.

More stuff to ponder ...

  • paul

To these old eyes, Corey appears to have lost a step or two. Perhaps that is why he is not getting many touches. I do think he can play as a change-up back for Lumsden but he needs a breakout game to reestablish his credentials as a star back/ receiver.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I've been starting to think the same thing.....he doesn't play much but he does play and he hasn't really made an impact. No broken runs, receptions or kick returns.
It's similar to the Avery situation in Toronto...he says "play me" and Pinball says "make me play you".
Maybe Corey has been accepting his role a little too easily....I hope he gets angry.....

I wouldn't be holding my breath for that to happen. Corey is a deeply religious man and from all accounts a great locker room guy. He is getting paid a very healthy wage compared to most in the CFL, so I am not too surprised to see him accept his role thus far with the team. I still think he is valuable as a special teams player and a mentor/role model for this very young Ticat squad.

Let's hope he breaks one on a kickoff on Labour Day versus the ____s!

  • paul

I guess other people think Lumsden deserves more carries too (I just created a topic on this subject).

I agree Holmes is terribly underused.

However it is up to the coaches whether he plays tailback or slotback or both. I think he can be affective at both positions. IMO with the way Jesse plays and the lack of recieving talent we have he would be better suited to switch to the SB position.

However if we continue our losing ways and he is still not producing (whether hes on the field or not) I think he definitely becomes expendible.

However what would a trade involving Holmes produce?Especially if hes being traded for lack of production.

I didn't mean for him to become angry in a negative way nor did I mean for him to become a distraction. I was referring to him getting a little more fire and not accepting a secondary role.....it only took Jesse one carry to gain 70 yds and a td last game. Corey needs to make something happen with his limited opportunity----make the coach have no choice but to find somewhere for him to play (I think SB).
Give Charlie a good problem to solve.

Oh yeah for sure, sorry about the misread there. Yeah, I know what you mean. Corey has gotten a bit fired up on a few kick returns so far this year when he almost broke them for a touchdown but it would be nice to see it happen more often.

Yeah, he just doesn't have the size to run with the same conviction that Jesse does.

But Charlie is a bright man and I am sure he will find a way to get his play makers the ball.

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