I think we have a chance. Chris Wilson is up for the starting defensive end position for Washington Redskins. However, if they screw him over and cut him, then if not too many other NFL teams are interested in getting him, then we have a good shot! I put a message on Chris Wilson's forum that we need him back in B.C. just in case he becomes available. I said that "Wally may not admit it , but we could use Chris back in B.C.". I think Wally will thank me for this down the road.

It would be good to get him back, help fill the hole Cam Wake left. But there are a number of things that have to happen for this to become reality.

I think Wally would love to have Wilson Back, Just as much he would love to have WAKE and Logan return. But he'll have to wait until mid season when most of the NFL preseason is done . But you might never know what Wally finds during those cuts. We may never find another Wilson or WAKE but Wally may find some one close to their talents as he usually does.

Like taking a lower salary to fit in with the CFL structure.

As much as I'd like to see Wilson back, he will make more as a backup or third stringer in the NFL than he could as a starter in the CFL.

Unfortunately, those are the circumstances against that happening.