Let's think positive...for a change

Looking at the standing...there is hope.
Yes, I know that it has been frustrating to watch our Cats play great against the Argo's...and then shoot themselves in the foot playing other teams, so far this season.
But a win against the Blue Team on Labour Day...regardless of the hit and miss...so far this year, will tie our Cats for second place in the East.

During the bye period, if Obie can bring in some NFL cuts, to help get a pass rush from the Defence and bolster the O-line...
With Printers...Jessie...Hudson and others returning from injury by Labour Day, things do look brighter in Ti-Cat land.
I think we all have to realize the simple truth...there is a lot of new faces on our team, and raw talent, that will make stupid mistakes, on both sides of the ball. If given the time, to learn our game..and to play together as a unit, without 'US' screaming for this guy to be cut...and that guy to be traded, all the time...things don't look all that bad, going into the fall, for our Cats.
The revolving door with players and coaches...over the last several years...is the only reason this team has to dig it self out of such a large hole..as far as rebuilding goes...and they are.
In the mean time...vent your frustrations on the forum...But, remember to buy a ticket, and feed the Cats.
We are not that far off...from being a dam good team, folks. :thup:


Well said!!

A lot of fans waiting for the team to get better before they attend are missing out on some amazing games. The Montreal and Calgary(away) games are truly the only two that blew like the Argos. :slight_smile:

We have some exciting talent and those that have stepped in for injured players have looked great - ie. Wiliams. This team is coming together.

17,000 at the last game was sad. The weather wasn't promising but it only rained lightly for 15-20 minutes. It had been a long time since we won at home so the Ti-Cat faithful were treated to a very fun night at IWS. The rain didn't seem to scare anyone to leave.

Don't wait for the Cats to get better. If you love football and just being around IWS, come out and support this team. The org. and the players are doing everything in their power to put W's on the board. They hate losing as much as we hate all the check marks in the 'L' column.

Be the players inspiration. Let's pack the house and not just for the Lobour Day game. Be loud, show your colors, and help the Cats put fear in the eyes of the opposing teams.

Oskee wee wee!!!!! The Argos aren't going to know what hit them Sept 1st.