cant wait to see all the moves made starting now!

I am looking forward to the bowl games. There are some good Canadian seniors and juniors playing in the NCAA. We have lots of picks in the draft (#1, #4, #9,#17,#18, #25,#33,#41, and #44). The Vanier Cup is this week. I will be watching football till February, at which time my wife can declare me legally dead and collect the insurance. Then comes the CFL Evaluation Camp to be followed by the draft in April. Before you know it,it's football season again!
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

That's interesting PatLynch I didn't know Hamilton had nine picks in the up coming draft next spring. Although IMO the 2007 draft isn't as strong as the 2006, the Canadian talent has increased in recent years so teams can still get some useful players in the late rounds now. With only 48 players total being drafted a list of the top 50 Canadians should be gone over with a fine tooth comb.
Ticat and Argo fans have some interesting players drafted last spring who may be playing in some of the US bowl games. The problem may be some of them are so good they may end up in the NFL.
Hamilton drafted players to watch would be OT Peter Dyakowski #77 (6'04 300) Louisianna State, DE Jermaine Reid #99 (6'04 275) Akron, OC Cedric Gagne-Marcoux #53 (6'02 280) Central Florida and OT Chris Sutherland #63 (6'04 305)Saskatchewan.(Vanier Cup)
Argo drafted players to watch would be RB Clifton Dawson #33 (5'10 210) Harvard, WR Obed Cetoute #88 (6'04 210) Central Michigan, MLB Aaron Wagner #52 (6'03 250) BYU, and OT Brian Ramsey #71 (6'08 300) New Mexico.

Also players eligible for this years draft who may be in some Bowl games are: OT Mike Gyetvai #66 Michigan State, WR Jabari Arthur #12 (6'04 210), DT J.P. Bekasiask #96 (6'05 275) Toledo,
OT Jesse Newman #67 (6'04 305) Louisianna-Layfette, LB Josh Bean #56 (6'00 230) Boise State and WR Samuel Champagne (6'04 210) Laval (Vanier Cup)

Montreal and B.C. are already underway.

And they are the best.

What the **** are we waiting for?