Let's Talk Stadium Volume

Love a loud crowd. Love a loud game. My cowbell and horn attest to that.

However, in the stands where we sat, we brought out a decibel meter on our phones to determine the volume from the speakers playing music.

98 decibels - Section 202.

Danger zone for hearing if it's sustained.

I get what we were doing by playing the sound loud when the Als had the ball and then cutting back as they got into formation BUT we also played it that loud through most of the rest of the game and - if you were there - heard that the stadium announcer couldn't talk because of the constant barrage of music.

Teething pains? Perhaps.

Strategy for the playoff game? Play it loud all the time so the league can't complain that we were really aiming the noise at the Als? Perhaps.

I just know that if this is regular then we will sadly give up our season seats. Haven't renewed yet and am trying to figure out if we should chance it as this was the first game we could sit in our section.

What I'm suggesting is NOT to can the music but that somebody give the sound man a few lessons in nuance, timing, and duration.

It was a GREAT experience today but - to be honest - over 6 hrs. later my ears have still not recovered. (Caution: Medical/biological comments follow - Sound remains flat and there's a heaviness in the cochlea (part of the ear) and I can tell that the hairs in the ears have not yet returned to place.) The hearing of my wife, my son, and I, is still impaired.

Let's keep up the barrage of sound at our opponents (!!!) but play it a bit smarter overall.

My two cents anyway. Perhaps it differs in other sections.

Go watch tennis or golf?? That may help.

Hahah. I'm not as blunt. I woulda suggested ear plugs.

And so the intelligent discussion ensues. Come on guys.

I'm asking a legit question and basing it on biological facts. Is what my family and I experienced today a localized phenomenon in certain sections of the stands? Didn't notice it as much as we were moved around to various seats since we got to THF. Today was clearly different.

The style of musical interlude was also clearly different today. Would you care to discuss that? Do you think that any of my suppositions might have validity?

Do we need to come down on people so quickly? Is it fun? Does it help somehow?

Want to come to my place in Cambridge? You can hear the noisemakers we bring to the game up close. Golf? Yeech! :slight_smile:

I've been attending games for 38 years and still have my hearing...what? What did you say?
Couldn't hear you .....lol




Hey Mark
Every game before this I was on the Upper Deck on the east side and the sound (when not having technical problems) varied a bit in terms of volume - but was never too loud, sometimes even too quiet because you sometimes could not hear PA announcements. The speakers on that side are way above you up near the lights.

Today - like you I was in Section 202 - and man IT WAS LOUD! To the point that sometimes the sound was getting distorted coming out of the speaker to my right behind us because it was cranked too loud for the capability of the speaker - you know sort of like when you hear a car from a block away - but its nothing but garbled THUMP THUMP THUMP. It was like that at times up there today. WAY LOUDER than I've experienced in previous games there in other sections and I mean WAY louder.

When it was cranked you absolutely had to shout to be heard by the person next to you. At times it was even louder than the very loud music they play at Raptors games at the ACC - and that is loud.

In that section at least it should be turned down a touch IMO - assuming they can adjust the volume of each speaker. Not sure what row you were in. I was in row 13 and in Seat 5. Whoever was in the middle of the section back in row 18 or so in about Seat 12 or so that would line up directly with the speaker only about 10 feet from their head - man they without a doubt could have used ear plugs today.

Hey Mark why not just see if there is another section you can move to next year deciding whether you want to renew or not because of this is absolute crap

Hey 92 Mustang I don't think Marks view is crap. I also sit in section 202, but in row 16. I wear ear buds to listen to CHML and most of the time couldn't hear them because of those speakers. Yes they will cause ear damage. Is that what the kerfufl was down at the end of the row?
I found I had to put my hands over the ear buds in my ears and turn my head away from the speakers to get usable volume with out hurting my ears.

And yes I think they can and will adjust the volume; remember this is still a stadium under construction

If you play this video with the sound cranked - you may get a sense of the PA and music volume level up in Section 202. (and this song being played at half time was not even close to the loudest they played some things today).

Don't get me wrong - loved most of what they were playing and was kind of dancing at times to some of it - but others near me were complaining understandably about it being uncomfortably loud at times.

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AnAw0jp7gk&feature=youtu.be]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AnAw0j ... e=youtu.be[/url]

And speaking of volume - how's this for crowd volume!


People who have a legitimate concern about dangerously loud PA speakers near their section should speak to the Ticats about it directly. As Caretaker frequently reminds us, the people with day-to-day responsibility for this sort of thing don’t monitor the forums. If you think something needs to be fixed, call the office.

And I’m not saying you shouldn’t post the topic here for discussion, I’m just saying that if you’d like things to change, posting about it here is not sufficient.

Even though something like this ought to be fixed, I make it a habit to always bring earplugs to crowded events in case of excessive human-generated noise nearby (loud whistling, shrieking, etc). Frankly, my biggest concern when it comes to hearing damage at games is sound resonating in my head from blowing a horn and/or screaming (earplugs don’t protect against vibrations coming from inside your own pharyngeal cavity).

Mark, I would always bring a few pair of foam ear plugs with me to the game. Other members suggested moving your seats (unless you are with a group) and perhaps you can get better ones for the price. Just ask for the Methuselah discount... lol

Seriously, contact the office and inform them about the noise level at your seat location. That is the best way for them to engineer things properly at the stadium. It may be as simple as the difference between an empty stadium and one that is packed...

Trying to pump that music through 4 or 5 speakers will not be the norm next season, all 30 of them will be working which will help balance the noise across the entire Stadium

Thanks, guys. Good info.

First, when I mentioned not renewing, I meant in my assigned seats. That WOULD be a big problem because a number of us who had seats together in Ivor Wynne DID arrange to get seats together in THF. Really would like to get the gang back together.

Second, thanks for the confirmation on what was happening in 202. As I said, we actually used db meters so we knew the speakers were loud but it's always nice to have a little bit of back-up.

Third, that's interesting Boltz. Didn't realize only some speakers were currently being used. That could make a big difference. Did you have a way to get inside intel on this?

Fourth. Never HAVE brought earplugs before but could start. I've never had a volume issue in any events in my life before. Gotta' think about this one. :slight_smile:

Now, onto the other half of the topic. (It's NOT all about me.) :smiley:

Anyone else feel like commenting on the way the stadium folk used the music as a tool in the 'Cats arsenal? I can't remember us doing that before.

I was sitting in the upper west section, about midfield in the top row, I could hear the music and the referee OK, but did not hear a single word during the trophy presentation. That is so sad, as there were a lot of people in our portion who simply left because of this.

The fans were there to support the team, it would have been nice if we could have enjoyed the fun afterwards.

It seems that sound problems that plagued Ivor Wynne for so many years have simply carried on here.

Can they spend a few dollars on a sound engineer and get this problem resolved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe, hire Keith Urban's sound person. He seemed to know what to do.

Couldn't hear the ref or any music, in-stadium announcements, etc.

Muffled like you wouldn't believe.

Jesus Christ.

You bought tickets to a playoff game and come home complaining that it was too loud and yours ear hurt?

What did you expect. Maybe you should buy tickets to golf or something.

98 DB is nothing. KC just set the record for 142DB.

I can't believe this is a thread. Here's a genius idea.....


It's like going to a rock concert and complaining the speakers were too loud?

If you love the cats that much but dont like noise then buy some earplugs.

Here is my choice of ear plug from shoppers.

[url=http://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/health-and-pharmacy/personal-care/eye-care/details/057800060154]http://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/heal ... 7800060154[/url]

Rated to 33DB.

Some info on how DB rating of earplugs works

For example, if you are at a rock concert where the level of noise exposure is 100 dB and you are wearing earplugs with an NRR 33dB, your level of exposure would not be reduced to 67 dB. Instead, to determine the actual amount of decibel deduction applied (when decibels are measured dBA which is the most common), you take the NRR number (in dB), subtract seven, and then divide by two. Given the previous example, your noise reduction equation would look like the following: (33-7)/2 = 13.

Those earplugs would bring down the decibel rating in your ears from yesterdays game of 98DB to 85DB. Well below 90DB that if heard for LONG SUSTAINED period of time MAY cause ear damage.

But honestly if you don't like loud noises, playoff football games aren't the palce to be.

Sorry King10 - on this one you are wrong. Loud music is one thing - you have to expect it now at sporting events - but Mark's complaint about it being TOO LOUD in Section 202 yesterday is absolutely correct.

I was at the Raps game Friday night and you sometimes have to shout - and I mean shout not just talk loud - to be heard by the person next to you they have the music cranked so loud at those games - louder than they have it for Leafs games. I've come to expect that and had it been at that volume level - even though I know some people hate it that loud - I am somewhat OK with it. But in Section 202 yesterday it went beyond that - it was so loud from the speaker in that section at times there was no use even trying to shout to the person sitting next to you. You would not be heard, especially by late in the game when I was beginning to lose my voice I only tried to speak to the people next to me between music blasts..

I've got no problems with a rabidly loud playoff crowd, and loud music (at certain points in the game) - but MANY times yesterday I found myself just by reflex reaching up to cover my right ear because it was yes actually uncomfortable to my ear the volume. I've never had to do that at a sporting event before. At a dance club when walking past directly in front of a wall of speakers at a club like Guvernment in Toronto sure - but not while sitting in my seat at a sporting event.

And no people should NOT have to go out and buy ear plugs to wear to a game to protect their ears from the music.

I'm sure they will correct it because I don't think fans in Section 202 will put up with how over the top loud it was yesterday for future games - they shouldn't have to.

Thank you, King, for commenting upon my questions. I trust that you have a peaceful and enjoyable day.