Let's talk QBs again!!!

Anything can happen in the CFL.

Great stats in 2010, I think highly of D. Durant. :thup:

yea but where did that get them?

3rd place and a 1st round exit from the playoffs.

and they only got 3rd place cause B.C. sucked… and 2 eastern teams sucked too.

Ray may have led in passing yards but he wasn’t exactly outstanding. The Esks have been wasting his talent since Maciocia took over and re-did everything.

now that he’s gone and Tillman and Reed are in (jury is still out on Reed)… hopefully they’ll take full advantage of Ray’s talent and he’ll really perform as he’s capable of.

but from a Rider Fan POV… I hope they don’t! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

Edmonton and Saskatchewan; the Rivalry begins and can’t wait for this season. :smiley: :rockin:

Montreal- Calvillo will pick apart every defence he faces but goes down to injury but Mchpheroson takes the reigns
Toronto- ? :?
Hamilton- Not a huge change for Glenn but if he doesn't make something happen this season you'll start to notice a decline in the coming season...
Winnipeg- Jyles will emerge as the starter, Peirce (for the sake of his health) retires or is released, And back up is elliot.

Saskatchewan- Durant will (hopefully) have his best season stats wise and (hopefully) Dinwiddie is gone.
Calgary- It's going to be Tate time in Calgary as Burris gets off to slow start
Edmonton- If the rest of his team plays well look for Ray to have a bounce back season.
B.C.- Lulay is the present and the future and will have a shaky start but regain his footing midway through the season.

LOL. U can have him. 3 games into the season he’ll get hit throwing the ball and be out for the season. The old man is getting frail. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m waiting to see who Tilman brings in to replace Ray.

I must agree, can’t wait for free agency deadline to pass and training camp to start. :cowboy:

Tillman brings in bishop to replace ray?

I don’t think anybody is that stupid :lol:

Mike Kelly was that stupid... Lol. I know it wasn't Ray he was replacing but it was funny.

I guess the NFL players cant play here during the lockout, or can they?

I know first and most second stringers wouldnt want to risk it, but there might be some good 3rd stringers who would want some more playing time. Probably not, but....

i was watching a classic liberty bowl i had pvred a while ago. awesome watching Zabrnasky and lafors light it up. then some comments from the anouncers how Zabransky didnt have the stats of the man he took the Job from, Ryan Dinwittie. i think it was louisiana against Boise state. i think its interesting how the level of play is so different from high level NCAA to The pro level (CFL) the QB's mentioned were big name in college... in the CFL they are second stringers at best. Lafors started for a bit, didnt go so well, dinwittie never cracked the starting lineup for more then a few games, and i think Zabranasky was listed as third on the depth chart in Edmonton(please correct me if i got that wrong. i was thinking mass was #2 QB in Edmonton)

man toronto has to find somebody unless Lemon does a complete 180

I’m hoping for a complete 360. :slight_smile:

you speak of NCAA as though it were the pros and CFL the JRs. of course it is harder to be the all-star in the pros…CFL or NFL. there are a pile of college teams, and depth gets spread around. When you get to either pro league you are playing against the best of those players, in systems that theoretically do not go through a complete generation of players / evolution every 4 years. Also, US style football and Canadian are 2 entirely different beasts.

Forget these free agency week-old leftovers who were there even before free agency started on Wednesday, but for which backup QBs should the Argos trade other players, picks, compensation, et cetera if possible other than for Tate?

Tate realistically is off limits because he would be good enough to start.

Otherwise I can’t see how the Argos will have a decent #2 beyond this season, as is what they need anyway to continue to push Lemon even if he does better this season, given the slim pickings South of the border as well.

i wasnt calling the CFL jr league. you missed the point. the point was showing how LARGE the difference is between the talent from the college to pro. In the NHL, the kids in junior can come up and make a huge impact right away. and not just the stars either. I was just noting how much higher the talent is in pro football to the univeristy.

Paola- one thing that always bugs me about the CFL is how we constantly recycle QBs. But when teams, like the argos, pick up someone without CFL experience, everyone calls foul. yet there really arnt many "proven" QBs out there. Tate did re-sign with calgary last year, so he is off limits. the argos could go for Zabransky,But i would like to see him stay in Edmtonton and take over there.

Im not a fan of the starter in BC... but at least its a start for some new blood. i also like the sound of lafors comming into BC as well. I think that winnipeg is in QB trouble. but i hope im wrong. i would like to see leak surface somewhere, but he is no starter yet. I think his attiute is a little... non professional.

If I were GM of Toronto I would attempt to sign Printers, Porter, Glavic or just about any other QB mentioned in the above articles.

i really hope glavic gets a shot

…valid point, but hold on for a second…seeing that CIS QBs are not being recruited by the dozen, every team is picking up QBs without CFL experience at some point in time…I think what you are saying, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that people call foul when that CFL-unproven QB is given the starting job…