Let's talk QBs again!!!

The one thing I loved about the last two off seasons was all the qb talk. Who goes where, who is done, who is making a comeback. Last year it was all about printers, bishop, and KJ. Will we see the return of any of the three mentioned? Kj is getting old... I have said before I think the huff could use printers in a practice roster role. Bishop I'm sure is done. Wgat about mass, and what will the peg do? Will we ever see the return of Ritchie Williams or lafores? And what NFL reject comes up this year? Will Cody picket surface again? Maybe in bc as a third stringer.

Take Printers! You'll only help out all the other teams in the west division. :smiley:

I'm not saying I want the stamps to turn into the Dallas cowboys of the CFL. But the stamps have a history of taking hit heads and making them into a part of a winning team. How long does burris have left? Will DD take a shot down south when his contract is up? What about Ray? Will we see champion A In camp this year? What about glavic? Does he get a
tryout? Other Canadian qbs? Like faulds? Or the label superstar? So mNy qestions. And please don't male this a Canadian qb debate, I just wonder if people think they might show up somewhere.

Well, I do feel that AC has finally jumped the shark, I think this coming season is going to be his last, but he'll come out with a respectable showing and not pull a Brett Farve.

I think it should be illegal for any team to field Buck Pierce at this point, given all of his injuries.

Adrian McPhearson is waiting in the wings and is going to be a terror to be reckoned with when he gets the start.

Kevin Glenn is going to have another great season although mainly because our receiving core isn't going to change a lot.

I hope that the Cats finally start to develop Adam Trafralis and cut Quinton Porter loose. If Glenn gets hurt, pretty much kiss our season goodbye. Porter has regressed as a player and is a better Runningback then Quarterback. Trafralis doesn't have enough experience and we haven't seen enough of him to see how he will perform.

Durant will have another good season provided Getzlaf doesn't make the NFL.

Ricky Ray will continue to work with what he's got and will probably have a slightly better season then last year.

Cleo Lemon is going to continue to improve but is still going to show he needs a lot of work.

Jarious Jackson is going to have a decent season provided he doesn't get hurt again.

Burris will begin to show his age near the end of the season but lead the stamps into a good post season spot

and last Steven Jyles will start for the Bombers and either get hurt or stink it up and Winnipeg's QB uncertainly will continue.

You have a good point about how long Burris has left. QBs in this league are getting old.
Montreal - AC is nearly done
Toronto - umm...
Hamilton - Glenn has 2-3 years
Winterpeg - Nothing to worry about, at least as far as age goes!
Saskatchewan - Durant is still young
Cowtown - Burris should be on a decline soon, he's 35 and isn't the young guy he was in Saskatchewan
Deadmonton - Same as Burris, getting close to the end
BC - Very young, very inexperianced

Drew Tate will probably play an even larger role in Calgary this coming season and the Stamps might only be a season or two away from having to make what looks like might be a tough decision at starting QB when Ottawa re-enters the league

Ritchie Williams is finished in football . He has a gig as a pit man in Nascar. to bad he was a good prospect just didn't fit the prototypical mold. IE- side arm delivery.
I will predict that Branagan makes # 2 in T.O and Bell #1 .
Porter will emerge as the Ti-cats next Kerrigan. He will lead the Cats to the G.C.
Cavilo will retire mid season due to injury, Trestman will quit as a result.
Peirce will play his first injury free season , but the bummers will loose to the Tabbies!!!

Ray will struggle for the EE,s who will finish last under KReed.
Lu lay will lead the CFL in passing yardage and the Lions will face the Tabbies in the G.C.
Burris will lead the Stamps to a upset loss in the western final.
Durant will continue to improve ,but will get bit by the injury bug, he caught after Lumsden signed as a F.A. with the Riders.

Good feedback from others already.

Here's my take for 2011 -- also I think only two teams have solid backup:


It is Calvillo's Swan Song

Lemon Either Shows Up Upstairs Consistently Or Ships Out -- And Quick Too If The Latter In The First Two Games

Hamilton: Glenn will improve, but not by much

Winnipeg: Jyles will improve


Saskatchewan: Durant Takes A Dive Right On Schedule

Calgary: Burris Still Has It, And Plenty Of Insurance With Tate

BC: Chaos Prevails As Lulay Is Not The Way

Edmonton: Ray Either Re-Emerges To Top Play With Some Solid Receivers Again Or Ships Out For Good

Otherwise I just see a plain shortage as there is all over the continent of even average QBs, but I say Printers looms for the taking as most competent backup other than Tate and ahead of Santos the next best backup.

from what I have heard.. Durant is looking to stay and make a career in Regina. so I don't think he'll be leaving anytime soon unless the Riders some day release him.

I'd like to say that'll never happen but in Regina you just never know.....

Haha. A Guy in two seasons of starting has led his team to two Grey Cup Appearances. Last year led the league in passing yardage and QB rushing yardage. Yes he throws interceptions, but the fact of the matter is, he is a gamer, he works his ass off and wants to win like crazy. Durant’s yardage numbers may go down (or up) but he is not going to be taking any dive other than into an endzone, anytime soon. But keep betting against him, I like it when you do.


Porter will emerge as the Ti-cats next Kerrigan. He will lead the Cats to the G.C.

I think last year’s stats tell Porter’s story well enough as to why this isn’t going to happen.

Passing: 21 Attempts, 10 Completions, Completion Percentage 47.6%, 2 Interceptions, Interception Percentage 9.45%
Rushing: 24 Attempts, 104 Yards, Avg Carry 4.3 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 3 Fumbles

From this we can infer 45 total attempts resulting in 5 turnovers. This means more then 1 in every 10 plays Porter was involved in last year, he turned over the ball.

I would love it if Calgary brought glavic in for a tryout, but I doubt huff cares about Canadian qb content. So hopefully glavic catches oh somewhere. Maybe sask or bc. I would like to see mass retire to coach, give zabransky more snaps. Start to phase out Ray. Start the new generation of qb's. Same with burris and tate. I think zabransky might be a free agent... Unless they re signed him. Cause he has been here for 2 years now

Ray is only 31 years old IIRC. I wonder what would have happened if Montreal had phased out Calvillo at the age of 31?

Ray should have landed in a City that really wants to use his talent to the max!

the Esks are wasting it the last few seasons.

Does Ray want to leave Edmonton? I think not. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the TC season comes along, if not before.
The Esks wasting it the last few seasons? Totally not in my opinion.

And fans of other teams except Montreal like you are just working like crazy to try to steal Ray from us, but NO YOU CAN’T HAVE RAY! :lol:

so how come the last few Seasons Ray has looked above average at best?

not because he’s losing his touch but because the team he was playing for was misusing his abilities.

they weren’t making the offense best to his ability. they were forcing Ray to change to compliment the team, which failed.

True for the most part, looking forward to traing camp none the less.

Ray led the league in passing in 2009. What does that make of Durant ?

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Passing/year/2009]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/sta ... /year/2009[/url]