Let's Talk Guelph Tailgating Shall We?

Hello Ticat Fan Community:
For those Guelphinian's who don't know me I'm BoxJJare:
In past years I sent out the annual preseason "What's Everyone Cooking at There Tailgate" thread with often a great response.
Rumor has it that "Lot J style tailgating" will be allowed in Guelph. For those who are unfamiliar with Lot J, the unofficial tailgate lot for Ticats fans, I wanted to take this chance to identify what's worked to enable us to continue this unique pre-Ticat game tradition.
The Lot J Style Tailgate...
First and for most, - is a Canadian tailgate celebrating the CFL, where hard core fans, visiting fans and families enjoy the pregame atmosphere and share good times.
-NO GLASS or CANs - all 19+ beverages are consumed responsibly and in non-transparent (solo) cups. We don't want kids get cut or hurt because of broken glass or torn can. If the local law enforcement see you have visibly open beverages they will have no alternative but to fine you and remove any beverages in your possession. Yes, Solo cups are our savours... :smiley:
-each tailgate group is self contained in terms of food, BBQ's, beverages and cleaning up after themselves
-that being said we are very social with each other and will help out if one group forgets something
-yes we clean up after ourselves...one reason the Ticats allowed us to tailgate in Lot J was that for the most part you wouldn't have known there was a tailgate after everyone left. Bring your garbage bags, fill them and leave them in or by the garbage cans provided.
Lastly, have fun, enjoy the people the moment and fact that it's a chance to celebrate being Canadian and taking in our Canadian game!
So if we are allowed to tailgate, and we follow the above guidelines it could be a very fun tailgating season.
Fellow Lot J Tailgaters...please feel free to add anything I've missed.

Rain or shine, win or lose, I've never had a bad time at a Ti-Cats tailgate...

Looking forward to another great year of tailgating, and an exciting year on the field.
We have a spot in P19 and will attending every game.
Go Cats !

Looking forward to the tailgating in P19. Some people may add some of the aroids items they will grill up. We are usually among the first there and have been accused of staying overnight. Not true. We squally start with our version of egg mcmuffins and grill other items for lunch. Say hi when you arrive.

In keeping with tradition it's the annual what's on your grill thread...what are you Lot J' Tailgaters - temporarily P19'ers doing for eats and bevy's?
Not sure what my group is doing this year but if we are tailgating you'll see the following.
Alot of the dishes are slanted towards the region the opposing team is from.

  • BC game will bring us cedar plank salmon with a nice spring green salad and raspberry vinaigrette.
    -Thanksgiving vs. the Argo's will bring the traditional Box J Boy toast (that's Bailey's French toast for those wondering),sausage and bacon for breakfast, for lunch a deep fried turkey and ham (we are playing Hogtown) with all the fixen's
    -possibley some Montreal Smoked meat for the Al's game
    -Buffalo burgers for the Winnipeg game.
    My glass:
    Will be enjoying Rambling Road's Potato Beer - a great summer brew.
    Oct on you'll find Bailey's and coffee in my cup!
    -Drunken watermelon for the Sask game!
    So, show me what'cha got everyone!
    What's on your grill and in your cooler?

Well Jare, since you brought it up...

I scoped out P19 today. It looks like a great place to tailgate. Much smaller than Lot J of course, so I'm glad I got my season pass. I plan to leave early on game day to get a good spot near a wooded area of the lot that I like for obvious reasons. I usually bring my own porta pottie for my wife and daughter ( a shower tent with a porta loo inside, complete with baby wipes and a Rolling Stones car air freshener) so for me it's location, location, location.

As far as tailgate fare, I tend to stick to the things I've done well in the past such as pork souvlaki on a bun with tzatziki sauce or grilled lobster tail sandwiches with peppered garlic butter toast. My wife usually makes her world famous potato or pasta salad as a side. A few Carlings usually helps to wash it all down.

Looking forward to another great summer under the canopy in Lot J, err I mean Lot P19 in 2013. Go Cats Go!!!!

Here’s a bump for any visiting fans wondering what’s happening this season in the Ticat Tailgate Community.

Nice post BoxJJare!! I'm feelin the anticipation now that we are talkin LotJ/ P19 tailgating. Couple of notes, if anyone wants to see the P19 lot, just google map it and drag the little guy to street level. A good view can be seen of the lot.
That being said... the lot is a standard concrete parking lot. And, a lot of us like out canopie tents too. So maybe it might be a good idea to grab mini sand bags or weights to anchor our canopies down. Otherwise, tents may be a flyin away.

Secondly, a lot of the regular LotJ'ers are quite accustom to a certain spot in the lot for every game. I'm not sure how this will play out in P19, but I ask everyone be patient and accommodating to each other trying to figure out spots for the year.

Here's the home base for Hamilton Ticat Tailgaters new and old.

[url=https://www.facebook.com/TicatTailgaterCommunity?fref=ts]https://www.facebook.com/TicatTailgater ... ty?fref=ts[/url]

Discuss P19, reflect on the on the "Good ole Lot J days" or issue culinary and beverage challenges to your neighbours.
Heck even let us know if your kid is selling choclates for their school fundraiser or their hockey team is doing a bottle drive! I know I will be keeping everyone up to date on what CFL Fans Fight Cancer is up to. Oh ya we can also talk a little about foot ball too :wink:
One last thing. Let's do like we do when we tailgate, let's take care of each other and make this a page where we look out for each other and have a good time.
Please spread the word and lets use this as a way to connect with each other and make our tailgates better.
Hope ya like it Jare.

“Like” the Ticat Tailgater page and drop in for P-19 tailgating tips, culinary ideas, P-19 activites, fundraisers and Inter-Community cook off challenges!
See ya there!
Jare :rockin:

More and more Ticat Tailgaters are joining. The vision is to have at least one person from each group in the Ticat Tailgate Community to follow this page. Spread the word and let's keep this growing!

Three of the long time Lot J Tailgating groups have confirmed they will be in U or Guelph's P-19, Like our Ticat Tailgate Community page on fb and get in on the know! :thup:

Ticat Tailgater Tip #4 is up!
This week we're looking at braving the elements and how to enjoy them in the lot and in the stands!
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I'm pretty psyched to get this season going too. I scoped out P-19 again today and am looking forward to some grillin' and swillin'. A couple things I'm wondering about are:

Will the team be providing porta potties to the lot? If anyone has asked their ticket rep about this please report.

Will the U of G grounds crew be mowing the island areas throughout the lot? They will make great BBQ set up areas for those so inclined. If anyone works there or knows someone who does please report.

Just hit "like" - thanks BoxJJare! (Not-so-subtle bump...)

lol...thanks...some good conversations about what P-19 can look like on game day. Mind you these are only suggestions.

Great point Alex.
Can't speak to the Port-o-lets but everyone can feel free to bring the gas powered weed eaters for some pre-tailgate trimming..btw I'm kidding about the trimmer... :wink:

Who will be testing out the tailgate-ability of P-19 this Thursday? :thup:

Count me in, I will be there around 4:00

We'll be there too! Not sure what time it depends on the construction traffic in Kitchener. TC23 can you bring my flags?