Lets Talk Grey Cup

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QB: Burris has more yards where Durant has more touchdowns and fewer ints. Even imo.

Running Back: Sheets has been used throughout the year to control the game. Gable is a playmaker. Advantage Riders.

Receivers: Both teams have solid slots but Taj Smith is the difference maker. Advantage Riders.

Oline: With Chris Best back this o line has once again been bullying teams up front. Hamilton's Oline has come around as well. Would give the slight edge to the Riders.

Defense: The rider d lead the league in turnovers and allowed the fewest points. Advantage Riders.

Coaching: Advantage Hamilton only because Kent Austin has won one with a similar story line.

Whatever happens I am and will always be proud of my Rider team this season for providing a season long of great football. Durant should be in the discussions when talking about the Rider greats at quarterback after this season.

Hamilton has another RB - a power runner could surprise the Rider D