Let's talk football

Short but necessary explanation:
For some reason, my cfl forums account was all buggered up. CFL crew has been looking into it but hasn't fixed the problem yet.
But it's been weeks and still no fix. So, I finally set up a new email and created a new account.
I used to be Thryllin', now I'm Noah Madd.

The Riders are doing great and I have many things to say about this. When we got our whooping from Calgary, I wasn't able to log on to give my take on it so here it is:
Everybody needs a good whoopin' once in a while. Calgary . . . you whooped us . . . However, that just means we're gonna' give back even harder the next time we play. :twisted:

The Riders v. Ti-cats:
Congi got 21 points. We put 37 total points on the board. That's a good win no matter what anybody says.

Riders V. Als
Great game. Very entertaining. We'll get you next time . . . you do realize there's going to be a next time don't you? Grey Cup 2010 MTL! Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Riders V. Lions
I love that Waaaaallyyyy! Waaaaaaaaallyyyyyyy! chant that gets goin' everytime Wally Buono tries steppin' onto the field to talk to the refs. So, we put up 37 points again. More touchdowns this time than against Hamilton.

Ahh I have so more to say. For another post . . . it's good to be back. I missed you guys. :smiley:

Needs more watermelon.