Lets Talk Defense

Mariuz will be at best a platoon OLB and solid special teamer.
More likely the Cats will go with an American in the middle (Siskowic at this point) and Flotd and Knowlton on the outside.
If there is a ratio issue Auggie will be the starter with Ray backing-up.

I hope we don't make the same mistake we made last year. We need to fined some real talent to fill the holes in the defense or we're going to end up in the same place as last year.

You guys had the best MLB in the CFL. Moreno. Then you gave him away for nothing.........

Yes, and if Obie doesn't fined us a very good replacement the fan will be right pissed off to see him playing for the Leaky Boatmen. :roll:

No doubt Moreno was good, but I firmly believe he is overrated with talk like that.

Didn’t matter who played MLB for Hamilton, the defence sucked!

If Corey Mace comes here and plays well, then I would say we won the trade, based on the absolutely abysmal play of our front four last year.

In other words Mace might make a difference, where Moreno’s absence did not.

Also, if the draft pick we got from that trade becomes a star that would be another way we would "win" the trade. Be careful when talking about Mace, he hasn't even signed yet.

Great. Another thread hijacked with people whining about Moreno. He's gone. Get over it. Move on. Get a life.

I wonder how many more dead horses will be beaten :wink:

I believe Obie signed Otis Floyd to compete for the MLB spot on the defense. I remember reading that in an interview when Floyd was signed.

So it seems to me the linebackers are looking like this:

WLB: Ray Mariuz/Auggie Barrenechea
MLB: Otis Floyd/Cameron Siskowic
SLB: Markeith Knowlton

I agree with the person who mentioned that maybe the biggest move made by the Tiger-Cats was the bringing in of Greg Marshall. It's one thing to have the right players, and it is another thing to put them in the best position possible for them to be successful. Which was something Denny Creehan did not do last season.

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Ah, no.

This thread is about defense. The Moreno posts were about defense. Your post was not. This post is not.

Now, now, let's not let one post by a moronic ____s fan divide us all.

If the ____s want to build their team around 30+ year old import players, that is their prerogative.

Personally, every day that goes by and the chance that Corey Mace signs with the Ticats grows, the more I like the trade.

Two non-import players that could both be the in the league for 8-10+ seasons for a one year rental of an import linebacker with suspect pass coverage skills in a passing league.

If anything, the beef should be between Bombers fans and ____s fans.

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MLB's are overrated. Good defense comes from a pass rush.

That being said, I worry about our pass rush...

I believe obies signed a couple a guys that might help on the d-line .Marshall being a key guy. Can barker start?Where do we put Robinson if barker plays ? Can gordon keep his corner spot ?Lots Of questions for training camp.Wish it was next week but just 3 months away :expressionless:

I see the Ti-Cat website has Barker listed as a DB, but I thought he was a safety.

Can't see Barker starting over Robinson if they're up for the same position.

A safety is still a DB. The only one actually listed as a safety is Beveridge and thats because his skills won't allow him to play any other spot back there. FS is the easiest position on the D. I say easiest because it has the least amount of responsibility.

Barker has enough skill to play halfback if he is coached well.

It would be strictly for ratio purposes.

To me it makes the most sense to move Floyd to the middle backed up by Siskowizc, and then start Mariuz at OLB backed up by Barrenechea. This way If Mariuz goes down, Barrenechea steps in, or vica versa. Let those two battle it out in camp to settle that one.

Conversely, if the Ti-Cats need a 7th CDN, and want it to be Barker at FS, then Beveridge goes in if Barker gets hurt, so as to not upset the ratio.

Mariuz and Barrenechea are both solid proven CDN CFLers. Barker has played 2 preseason games since November of '07...

However, since signing Gauthier I see us starting 6 on Offence, leaving only 1 needed on Defence, and if rumours turn true, it could be Mace, leaving us with an all import LB and DB corps if the coaches want.

Yeah, it's funny how they label DBs.

If you look up the roster, they're all listed as [i]DB[/i]s except for Beveridge who is listed as a [b]S[/b], just as you say. They do not distinguish between a corner back and a defensive halfback.

Then you look at one of the depth charts on this site, they have [i]corner back, defensive back[/i] and [b]safety[/b] listed as the positions.

I prefer a little more precesion. I realize that these players tend to be more interchangeble within the defensive backfield than palyers elsewhere on the team.

I'm sure both Robinson and Barker are capable of playing both, which means it should be pretty easy to fit Barker, Robinson, Gordon and Bradley all in the defencive backfield at once.

Edit: Add Thompson to that list as well. :wink:

That's a pretty good corps of DBs, and then there's also Tisdale who looked pretty good last year too.

Man, if we can just get that decent pass rush!

Some for the most important recruiting Obie will do in 09 will be to up grade the talent on the Dline. The whole season is riding on it. A good defense will also give the offense time to jell. If your operating a shuttle service for the hole DLine during the season your in trouble.