Lets Talk Defense

If Obie doesn't fined us a hog to play MLB you can forget the 2009 season. What say you fine lads.

Doesn't Barrenechea play middle linebacker?

We need some big time competition in camp for Agustin, this is a key position on the defense. Not many Canadians can hold that position.

I don't think Augie can start at MLB for us. He's okay, but not a "hog". He played there for us before, wasn't good enough. He ended up in Edmonton, wasn't good enough there either.

I think we'll have an import at MLB. If we have a Canadian at LB, it's more likely to be Ray Mariuz outside. I won't be surprised at all if we have 3 import LBs, with some Canadian content on the DL (Kirk? Mace if/when he arrives?) and perhaps (though not likely) in the backfield if Barker performs well in camp. Other than on the DL and possibly Mariuz, I'm expecting Canadians to have backup roles on defense.

I dont think barrenchea was brought in to start at mlb.Back up for mariuz and floyd and knowlton and special teams.Maybe siskowic can push floyd enough to keep him young. :roll:

Bugsy, exactly right. Two most important positions in CFL QB and MLB. So far we don't have a proven player at either one. Some hope in the QB position but don't see that at MLB.

My Als have about 1001 signed LBs going into camp. Odds are there will be some quality LB talent available for teams like the Cats at some point.

The funny thing about this defence is how close it is to being a strong unit. I would say we have 9 positions filled quite admirably, but we need a proven MLB, FS, and another D-End. The problem is, those are arguably the 3 most impactful positions on D.

Maybe Floyd can move to MLB and leave Mariuz at OLB.
Maybe Barker and/or Zemaitis can play Free Safety for us. Or Robinson.
Maybe Mace will sign to help us out inside.
I don’t know about that other D-End.

Alot of maybe’s. We’ll have to wait and see.

Last year Obie signed a ton of DBs and receivers and solidified those positions.

This year he has brought in some nice talent to compete on the D-Line. I think this area will be much improved.

I agree that we still need some help in areas.
Cameron Sisk. looks to be the front runner for the MLB spot.
He showed flashes of being a solid player last year with a couple of outstanding games, but only flashes.
We need some competition at MLB as I am not sure that Cameron is the answer in the middle.

Overall the team has more set positions with fewer jobs up for grabs.
I would bet the coaching staff could write out the starting line-up today and barring injuries or trades be accurate within 2 players.
MLB, Right offensive tackle, does Lawrence Gordon make the cut, which of the new D-Lineman make the squad, and can Barker start at safety are the question marks for me.
That is a big bonus from last years mad scramble for jobs everywhere.

i think people may be under estimating Barrenenchea.

in 2004 with Hamilton in he had 96 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions and 3 Forced Fumbles.

last year with edmonton he had 67 tackles(which lead the team), 3 sacks and 2 interceptions.

maybe now that he’s back in hamilton where he wants to be and with some good linebackers around him and a good D-line he can improve on that 67 tackles.

Auggie is like the Rodney Dangerfield of CFL LB's. He gets no respect.

In the last 2 years he has been traded and released yet he has never been an under-performer. The only guy that has ever beat him for a starting job was Zeke Moreno in 07. I think he could be a starter but he still needs to work on his run stopping skills.

If you wanna talk defence you cannot forget the replacement of Creehan with Marshall.

I think that that will have the biggest impact on any improvement on our defence thia year and that will all stem from Marshall's ability to provide an adequate pass rush.

Very good point. Actually I would say thats the biggest upgrade across the whole team. Marshall is the main reason i'm optimistic about 09. A good D is exactly what Porter needs to help him and the O out.

The new MARSHALL PLAN will have a few question marks.Will barker after the broken leg still be able to start at safety and be one of the canadians on defense? If not your forced to start a canadian linemen and a canadian linebacker.Lets hope obie gives marshall a few tough choices to make.With 3 picks in the first round of the draft i am afraid there is more trading to be done. :roll:

lol we're not that bad off at MLB... Cameron Siskowic would do a fine job there and have Barrenachea and Floyd at the outside spots bam that's a decent LB core then for DL RE we put Guillory LE Mcintyre DT Darrell Adams DT Jermaine Reid S Dylan Barker DB Chris THompson DB Geoff Tisdale etc etc. We're not as bad off as people are making out saying that if we don't get a MLB we can kiss the 09 season away.. ya ok buds keep over exagerating there.

You seem to be leaving Knowlton out of the mix. He was our best LB in 08.

No, Ray Mariuz was our best linebacker last year. Knowlton was good, but Mariuz was better.

Knowlton had 93 tackles and 4 interceptions (one for a TD) in 08

Mariuz had 65 tackles and 0 interceptions in 08

How is Mariuz better???

Knowlton had that many tackles? Sorry. I just remember Mariuz’s name being mentioned more.

8) :roll: :roll: