Let's Talk Cross Over

I'm going to assume the Cross Over is a forgone conclusion. Heck, the East is lucky 2 teams can't cross over... or 3!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also going to assume Ottawa will run away with the East and the Ticats will NEVER make it back into contention - even with 10 games left so...

That leaves Toronto and Montreal. Neither team looks great but Toronto looks better.

In the West, I am going to assume Edmonton and Calgary will be 1 & 2 - you choose the order. BC is falling fast. That leaves the surprising SRR's and the WBB for 3 + the Cross Over

Winnipeg has 4 points in hand, but Saskatchewan has 1 game in hand.

If I was a betting person, I'd bet the SRR will be crossing over and playing Toronto come playoff time.

I don't think Sask will need the crossover actually. I think Edm and BC will be the ones vying for that. Sask has been playing at a whole other speed than their opponents. And they sure seem to enjoy one another. Fun team to watch.

Argos will finish first, as long as Ray stays healthy.
O-Line needs to be better.

Argos have the best D in the East.
Ottawa, for sure is the offence king.

Yet, remember the old rule.
Offence ( Ottawa ) will sell tickets.
Defense ( Toronto ) will win the game.

The West is up for grabs.
As long as Mr. My Way ( Wally ) plays Lulay, Lions could still take 3rd.
I am still not sold on the Riders.
For sure, there will be a X-over.

Both division races will be to the wire interesting.
Although for different reasons.

Also, leave the divisions alone.
This one division talk needs to stop.

Argos, Ottawa it doesn't matter. Who ever does the best against the east will get the bye and so far that's Toronto.

In the west Winnipeg will be crossing over which is bad news for the east. Bombers have been less than stellar in their own division but are unbeaten against the east. Unfortunately for them they only have 4 games left against the east. They have a tough one next week; the Riders seem to have turned themselves around and come into the Banjo Bowl having lost the last 2 and neither team has lost 3 Banjo Bowl games in a row. If the Bombers can make it 3 in a row they have 2 left against the falling BC Lions and both are in the 'peg.

Stamps and Eskies battle for 1st, green Riders finish 3rd, Winnipeg crosses over and becomes the first crossover team to make the Cup while BC does a long slow simmer over the fact they are out while Toronto and Ottawa are in with inferior records.

You heard it here first folks. :wink:

The Banjo Bowl is huge. The winner gets the tie breaker over the loser; as the series is currently tied at 1.