Let's talk about Ticats Football now :)


1 . Any ideas as to who might be our new DC replacing Marshall ? Seems we are in a mess

Brad Miller ( Current ticats DB coach –worst DB’s in the league ? I HOPE NOT
Corey Chamblin ( STAMPS DB coach )
Gary Etcheverry - My choice

  1. We need to go after 1 or 2 free agent DB’s . Db’s are our weakest area
    We should try to get 1 or 2 of these guys with corner back browner being the key man . Overpay if we hav to !

DB Jonathan Hefney
CB Brandon Browner
DB Lance Frazier

  1. We also need to get a running back..sorry Cobb …. We should try to grab free agent Avon Cobourne and if not bring
    in players that have either played in the CFL or have some exposure to the NFL

  2. QB Jarious Jackson is a free agent and he could be our new QB of the future . Porter will never make it in this leaque . Trade Glenn while his value is high . WPG might take him back and the ARGOS certainly would .

  3. What is going on with a few of our DLINEMAN :
    MCINTYRE is trying out fro 3 NFL teams …..hope he comes back
    BAGGS – Can he try out for the NFL too and leave ?
    Bolden – Has NFL tryouts but I am not a fan and think he wastes an import spot …

6 I am guessing we will part ways with OL Alexandre Gauthier and possibly give Rottier another crack there or move Dyakowski to tackle . Any thoughts ?

7 I assume BAUMANN will sign in his hometown area in WPG

8 I think we still need another decent import receiver to compliment Bruce . i am not a MANN fan and we lost that trade hands down .

9 Does anyone know if Knowlton and Johnson are taking cracks at the NFL ? How about Thigpen ?

10 Ok ..I have to acknowledge the news on the stadium ...Anyone know if we will still have the great sighlines and closeness to the feilds that makes IVOR WYNNE such a great place to watch a game ..well I hope so ..It was also nice to hear that they will have some parking . I also wonder where they will play when the stadium is bing rebult ? Will they still play there?

Who cares, we are on the verge of having a solution that allows us that luxury. Talk to you Feb 2


  1. Agree
  2. Agree DB’s are a concern, don’t have a solution
    3 Disagree. RB is one of the strong suits of this club
  3. Disagree. QB is another of the strong suits of this club. I have faith in our 2&3
  4. Our DL is a mess
  5. Our OL is a mess
  6. Not with us at any rate
  7. Disagree, Its Bruce that we need to have a longterm plan replacement for. Dunno how many more years he has but its no problem this season
    9 No idea
    10 Theres over 500 pages elsewhere. We don’t need stadium talk in another thread