Let's take the Grey Cup to the Super Bowl

I read the following from the lead singer from Metric, Emily Haines, about the recent Pemberton Music Festival - www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/stor ... pdate.html - and I was thinking why doesn't the CFL showcase the Grey Cup at the Super Bowl during Super Bowl week with a display and whatever.

"The days of Canada being sort of insular and disconnected from the rest of the world culturally are over, and festivals like this are a sign of that," she said.

Why not Mr. Cohon?

Why? I don't think that is a great idea.. you will get some numbskull sportscaster(read: Tony Kornheiser or Bob Costas) tell Americans why the NFL game is superior to the CFL game. Instead, Cohon should try to make a deal with ESPN to show CFL games on that network, and let Americans judge for themselves which is the better game.

Agreed many NFL fans could careless one for Canada and two the league to the north.
Now an American football fan is a different story. The American football fan loves the game of football does not matter what the rules are as long as they play football. We have many that post to this site they just love football.
Going to the Super Bowl with the Grey Cup would absolutely do nothing the focus is on the NFL that week.

Well, I don't agree, I think showcasing the Grey Cup during NFL week in the US does nothing negative for the league at all and shows some bonding between the two leagues. I'm not saying a huge 50 meter display tent, just something small and having some stuff of American CFL stars and that. I don't get why you guys are so pessimistic about this idea. I think the NFL and CFL should try and do more things together, there is the NFL/CFL flag football thing afterall.

It couldn't hurt to have a kiosk somewhere, staffed with some cheerleaders,savvy media types and maybe some players, if they even have such things. I'm not sure superbowl week is much like a trade show, but I could be wrong seeing as I've never been to one.

No doubt some would ridicule the league á la Dan Marino, but I have no doubt others — true football fans who are familiar with the game — would defend it. Besides, heavyweights typically show up there I'm sure, so it couldn't hurt to let them know the CFL is around.

Earl I challenge you to go to any state and discuss football with football fans. You will have two type like I mentioned. The NFL fan will not give you the time of day if you try to discuss three down football. I would ask you how receptive would CFL fans be if they show cased the Super Bowl during Grey Cup week?

Exactly 05. Imagine the uproar if they brought the Vince Lombardi trophy north during Grey Cup week. There are some who would flood this forum with all sorts of anti-NFL drivel if that ever happened. Isnt there enough of that with the Bills playing games in Toronto? The GC and Super Bowl weeks should be left to their respective leagues. Again, I tink the better idea would be for Cohon to try to make a deal with ESPN to show CFL games south of the border. The CFL needs to after the casual football fan in the States, who dont want to watch the glossy product that the NFL dishes up.

this reminds me of the nWo wrestling angle...where supposed WWF wrestlers "invaded" WCW with hulk hogan as the leader.

have CFL invade NFL with the current grey cup champs and the cup sitting center field front row at supersnore..lol

Emily Haines is a born rock star with an amazing voice. And not hard on the eyes either.

Promoting the Canadian game during the Super Bowl would be more realistic if there wasn't a 4 month gap between the big game and the CFL regular season. I figure they'll concentrate on the Canadian market and stick to advertising during the Super Bowl on the Canadian feed.

You are right! The average american sports fan,(i did say average, there are exceptions) is probably the most ignorant animal on the face of the Earth! And because they have spent the majority of their lives being sucked into the almighty hype vacum that is the american media, they have absolutely no concept that the rest of the world plays professional sports outside of Soccer.

Just last week the wifey and i were at a little place up the road from the house for dinner and i overheard three 20 something gentlemen talking about Football and the CFL actually spilled forth from one the young man's lips only to be followed by one the other young men saying "oh yeah! that's Arena Football isn't it.

Upon which I felt the incredibley strong urge to set them straight which is exactly what I did. And..when i explained about the CFL and it's format..the excitement of the fast paced game...the field size..and, i even touched on the long and storied history of the league, i noticed that i was being stared at like a Deer caught in headlights. After i said my piece they all shrugged, turned to each other and said "Yeah but it aint the nfl"

So...I agree that the GC shouldn't go anywhere near the ignorant masses. The game should continue to try and find u.s. tv outlets and just let nature take it's course!

Agreed they are zombies of the NFL hype. There are some like I said that just love football does not matter what league they watch it those are the fans you want. And you will not get that during Super Bowl because the hype is there for that reason. The CFL would only be come a side show bob being there.

Ok, I suppose you guys who are negative have some valid points.

Anyways, related we are seeing something in soccer in the MLS All-Star game where they played a big team (not sure what Divsion) from England. I like seeing this. Of course, soccer is a much more simplistic game than gridiron and the differences between Canadian and American football.

Somewhere, somehow I think it will be a good thing for some more cooperation of sorts between the CFL and NFL. The specifics of this cooperation though, who knows.

How bout lets not and say we did. I just picture the Americans making some kind of joke of it.

There may very well be a presence at the Superbowl from the CFL anyway. I have a suspicion that some owners, coaches and other CFL execs and players go to game, if not several of the other events.

The CFL isn't exactly isolated from football in the States.