Let's take a moment to drink in the most successful TiCat season ever!

Ahhhhhh. We’re the best. Hamilton football history in the making. Oskee Wee Wee!

Ahhhhhhhh. Hows about we hold off until we win the last two games of the season before we officially call it the most successful season ever . Just saying is all .

I am just drinking the champagne of gingerale for now; hoping to drink the real stuff in two weeks.

But let’s keep in mind:

It’s not HOW MANY GAMES you win … It’s WHICH GAMES you win !

Exactly . I wonder if the 16-2 “89” Esks ever think about how successful they were in that season ? :o

Yep, I’m in farm country. You don’t roast the pig until he’s been slaughtered.

“Most successful REGULAR Season in Ticat history”

Ouch - I would hope not

Lobsters, on the other hand…

I have my office decked out in Tiger Cat Paraphernalia - Bay Street Toronto tower. The people of Toronto just don’t get it! :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

So far I can think of 8 seasons that have been greater.
53, 57, 63, 65, 67, 72, 86 and 99.

And they likely never will?. So sad for them.

You know it Lenny!

Was wearing my Cats jersey on dress down Friday last week. Lots of strange looks. We are on York and Bremner. (PWC)

I think I recall hearing about some other pro sports teams based in that vicinity. I don’t remember the specifics though.


No. No holding off. I’ve got swagger and I’m going to enjoy it no matter what the playoffs bring. It’s rarified air were breathing this year I’m not wasting a moment!

We’re we the best team in the league for any of those years?

Can’t tell prior to 1981 when they put in the full interlocking schedule. We certainly weren’t in '86 and '99. We were 6th in '86 and 4th in '99.

It’s been a great season and Orlondo keeps raising the bat.
Anything lesd than a Grey cup win will be disappoiting now since we are healthy and are so strong in all 3 phases of the game and we have a inctedible coaching staff.

For the youngsters who don’t remember a non interlocking schedule, an example of how you can’t compare East and West records.

Hamilton’ record in 1967 was 10 - 4, but Saskatchewan and Calgary both went 12-4. So if they all lost only 4 games are they the same? Or is the standing of 20 East points to 24 West points the deciding factor?

Of course, we won the '67 cup when Garney Henley, Bob Richardson and Bob Krouse all intercepted Lancaster passes and defeated the Roughies. Joe Zuger was the Most Valuable Player and the final score was 24 to 1.

It marked the sixth consecutive game that the Ticats held their opponents without a touchdown.

NFB has a 10 minute short by William Pettigrew focusing on that '67 Grey Cup, called Oskee Wee Wee. (Oskee Wee Wee 1967) The film ends in the dressing rooms after the game, which I really enjoyed comparing to today.

Oskee wee wee indeed

Much enjoyed
Thanks for posting Dan!:slight_smile:

Seeing George Reed coming over to the Ticats room to congratulate is pretty cool and classy after a lot of blood being spilled on the field