Let's Take A Minute To Appreciate The Genius Of Chris Jones

What a laugh to see the Riders get boatraced by a horrifically bad Montreal team that was playing on just three days rest.

Rider Fan promised everyone that Jones was going to "recruit" amazing football players with his brilliant scouting acumen. What a joke that's turned out to be. This years Rider team is almost as pitiful as last year's debacle.

AC Leonard - - you can't plug a receiver in as your starting DE and expect to have any success on defence. Leonard has no pass rush ability and his recognition of reading plays is even worse. As I explained after Week 1, this guy is no answer at DE.

Jordan Reeves - - bringing in a CIS basketball player and expecting him to have any clue about playing pro football is ridiculous. This is a guy who couldn't even make a useless Bombers roster in 2015. Putting him at DE was a total joke, but he's not even good enough to contribute on STs.

Kevin Francis - - yet another failed experiment. It defies logic to have a rookie receiver starting at Safety. This is the direct result of the total lack of Canadian talent.

Justin Cappicotti - - as I explained when he was signed, Cappicotti's numbers in Ottawa were a result of the defensive scheme there. Yet another DE with no real pass rush ability - - he simply goes wide and hopes he can loop back around.

Ed Gainey - - terrible CB in Hamilton but now he's a starter in Regina. It's comical to watch this guy get constantly burned in coverage.

Shane Herbert - - here's a guy who wasn't good enough to even play ST in Toronto, yet he's being given defensive reps in Regina. How desperate can a team be for Canadians?

Jonathan Newsome - - what an asinine decision to go with Newsome at DE and then give away their prized FA signing Shawn Lemon for absolutely nothing. Rider Fan is scratching his head wondering why the pass rush is non-existant - - just watch Newsome bumbling around the field and you'll understand why.

Josh Bartel - - bringing in a proven failure and somehow expecting different results is the epitome of a GM who's in over his head. Bartel has never been able to generate any hang time on his punts and as a result the Rider cover team is getting shredded.

Curtis Steele - - you can't be serious with a guy like this. He couldn't even cut it as a back up RB in Toronto and here he is being given the starting job in Regina. RBs are a dime a dozen - - why waste your time with a mediocre scrub like this?

Way to early to jump off the Jones band wagon. One thing for sure though it is obvious the teams that went to $1.49 day on Free Agent days are the ones that are having issues. Thats what happens when you try to rebuild a team with a new foundation of players. But more so then the Bombers the Riders went to the well with new players and all new coaches it will take them time. The Bombers will be just that the Bombers will they improve? The riders have one way to go and that is up and get better win one lose two for now.

Perennial bottom-feeders rely on the excuse that it takes "years" to rebuild a CFL team. But look at what the Argos did going from worst team in the league in 2011 to Grey Cup champions in 2012 - - that team was completely overhauled on both sides of the ball in just one year.

The Riders were historically bad last year. Cutting the deadwood from the 2015 roster was a no brainer. Problem is, the Riders just replaced them with new deadwood.

I've always maintained that Chris Jones was hugely overrated, but even I'm shocked at how badly he's misjudged the "talent" that's been brought into Regina.

What are you talking about? Saskatchewan was a last place team in 2011 as well, and won the Grey Cup in 2013. And they did that without the luxury of being gifted a hall of fame quarterback like the Argo's were in 2012.

We are 5 games into the season, just take a deep breath A51 and quit posting nonsensical garbage. Seriously, just stop.

Yeah, if Barker doesn't get Ricky Ray in an absolute gift from Edmonton, I doubt TOR even makes the playoffs in 2012, let alone win the Grey Cup.

Area 51 - I get it you don't like the riders. And you have every right to like or not like any team of your choice. However your venom spewing attacks on the Riders are literately killing these forums. This place is becoming a ghost town and the numbers of active posters keeps dropping. If your goal is turn turn this forum into the sounding board for the worst CFL fan I can think of - your well on your way to having the place to yourself.

He's talking about Jones. He's not kicking the team. His arguments are valid.

Well I wouldn't go that far. I do agree his dislike for Jones is far more than his dislike for the Riders. His points are stretching it quite a bit 5 games into a season though. I think he just likes reading what he likes more than the actual content of what is written.

Area 51 keeps "yaking" about **** just to hear himself speak.. YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THE RIDERS ORGANIZATION OR WHAT CHRIS JONES CAN DO!! 5 games into a season of a "rebuild" YOU GET ME?? A REBUILD! And of course there is going to be many bumps along the way!! Basically the entire oline is out, Durant is out and the bloody secondary is still trying to come together! And whatever pieces that Jones doesn't see fit, he will continue to bring in other pieces until things are to his liking! ... I kind of compare this to the Barrett, Shivers regime where in the first couple seasons(2000, 2001) the team needed to learn, gel and come together as a team and it did take a couple years until the Riders really became a competitive team.. IT DIDNT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT DID IT? NO! This 2016 team to me looks like the 2000, 2001 teams.. no Jones is not having immediate success but he is slowly bit by bit rebuilding this team to become a winner and AS EXPECTED coming into week 6 of the 2016 season the Riders are 1-4, they are acting like a 1-4 team and they are having problems and making mistakes like a 1-4 team. BUT!! there has been glimpses of good coming out of all this mess, the Riders have been in every game except for the Mtl game, They SHOULD HAVE beaten Edmonton.. there is Obvious talent on this team, but individual talent alone does not make a winner! IT TAKES A WHOLE TEAM to come together over time, to gel and play as a team to have success and believe you me given enough time, which the Riders will get... Chris Jones will eventually make this team a winner!! ... so Area 51, you can continually come on here and spew your crap( it's a free country, you're entitled to it) but it's all hot air and speculation coming from a "hater" - who has no clue! .... when it's all said and done, You WILL BE WRONG! and the Riders will be a good team! .. but IT TAKES TIME and a good coaching staff which the Riders have! <-and that's the best news out of all this! The Riders have that, just need chemistry and time! .. I'm out!


I forgot to say
SCREW CHRIS JONES!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Bungle and Area besides being right sometimes, are just plain fun to read. I find them entertaining. I feel this forum would be more boring without them. There are others like them, but they are the best at what they do !...AND they sometimes even argue with each other :lol:

I have to agree with Dan.
Those two are like a guilty pleasure without the extra calories. :smiley:

Yes Dan they do sometimes argue with each other BUT what’s even funnier is that they sometimes agree with each other. :lol:

A guilty pleasure indeed these two are T-Web. It’s akin to eating too much ice cream and then complaining that you have a brain freeze because of it. :lol:

I find that most of their posts are like driving by a traffic accident you know you shouldn’t but you just can’t resist slowing down and taking a look. :lol:

They sure are quick to jump on the team.

They have their entire o line injured. Their starting quarterback injured, there’s a lot of injuries.

Area51 is just the kinda guy who throws Blame yet doesn’t come up with any valid resolutions.

Sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

Either that or he is enjoying watching the Riders suffer through growing pains

Are we sure they are two different people? I sometimes find it hard to tell them apart.

Ya, but nothing is better than watching the Greenies wallow in the battle for last place with the likes of the Winnipeg Boo Bombers. I hope it goes on for years!!!! :lol:

My two cents on Chris Jones. I have tons of respect for the guy, even though I don't like him. He's been a winner everywhere he's been. Great football mind, great coach, great scouter of talent. And hey, he got his CFL start in Montreal under Don Matthews, so he's from that school of coaches, which I absolutely love. You don't like him or his attitude when he wins? Then find a way to stop him from winning. Football isn't therapy. It's a brutal sport played and coached by competitive men and being liked is neither here or there to me.

Having said all that, I find it hard to defend the absolute gutting Jones performed on the Riders this offseason. It's one thing to rebuild. It's another thing to jettison almost every quality player from a team at the same time, bring in a boatload of completely unproven talent, and expect the team not to struggle in the first year. I have a hard time understanding this "throw the baby out with the bathwater" approach. A team can go 3-15 but still have quality players worth salvaging for the rebuild. Ottawa went from 2-16 in year one to playing for the Grey Cup in year two, and while Desjardins made substantial changes, he didn't strip the team down to nothing either.

The only way I can explain this purge is hubris. The enormous success Jones has enjoyed recently -- Cup rings as DC in Toronto and Calgary, Grey Cup as head coach in Edmonton last year -- may have gone to his head and given him a delusional sense of his own capabilities. Maybe he thinks he can play God with his team, field any old bunch of scrubs and turn them into champions because he is Chris Jones, Football Genius. If so, I feel sorry for him, because if he falls, his fall is going to be hard. And not many will be inclined to help him pick up the pieces if he crashes and burns in Saskatchewan. He's alienated too many people in the league for that.

Biggest Azz in the league. Players even prefer to retire, stay on other squads PR or pull a Shawn Lemon to get away from the guy.

Yes the fall will be hard...

I think the one thing he didn't learn from Don Matthews was how to win your players' loyalty. Matthews was abrasive (especially to media idiots), curt, and ruthless as a coach, but his players would go through a wall for him everywhere he went.