Let's stop all the fighting on the board.

I have been monitoring the U.S. broadcast situation and following the thread on the topic. First thing, please stop the bickering. We (fans in the U.S.) are upset by the very inconvinient television "coverage" we are getting this year. This has probably caused some to make some comments out of the heat of the moment. We need to come together as fans and not bash each other. I am also frustrated, as I have followed the CFL since 1981, at first by the big C band satellite dish and then through small dishes like BEV. I feel that since America One seems to hold much of the broadcast rights in the States and virtually no one seems to have access to their signal (It is even scrambled on FTA receivers), they could come up with an online package for the U.S. audience through internet streaming. That is if it is legally possible. I am a Bombers fan in Minnesota and have went to a few games in Winnipeg even though it is about a 10 hour trip. I have also taken in games in Hamilton and Toronto. I do not have access to ESPN360, as I am limited to one ISP in my area, and they do not participate in the service. I have resigned myself to the fact I will have to listen to games on the internet. It will dampen my enjoyment of the games, but not the passion for the league and the great sport that it is.


People are going to bicker. It's what people do, and it's no big deal.

I hear ya. I can't imagine how much it sucks not being able to see any games. Hell, I get ticked when there aren't any good NFL games being shown in Canada.

First time you read a forum?

Group Hug!


Yeah, I'm not really into strangers groping me... :?

That would be a group grope!

I feel your pain, brother.

I'm another Blue Bomber fan in Minnesota who makes the occasional trip to Winnipeg. And with gas prices going through the roof, it's becoming hard to justify the drive.

The idiotic exclusive contract that Trajectory Sports gave Voom for Friday Night Football has really limited my CFL viewing the past two years, because it affects Winnipeg more than other teams.

It's even worse this season. TEN Blue Bomber games are now exclusively broadcast by Voom, despite its total lack of availability. I have the DirecTV Sports Pack and an ISP that carries ESPN360, which gives me access to a total of five Bomber games. And I'm supposed to consider myself lucky.

The best thing that could happen would be if Voom gets shut down by Cablevision on July 1st. Hopefully, the remaining Friday Night Football games would then be shown on ESPN360, and the 2008 season would be salvaged--for me, at least.

But I'm not counting on it. Since Trajectory Sports has handled the U.S. TV rights, I've learned not to get my hopes up.

I'm interested in how the fans from Minnesota got interested in the Bombers and the CFL.

I've met Americans at Ivor Wynne during games and it's always interesting.

My favourite have to be the crazy fans from Baltimore who showed up in Tiger Town with a big bed sheet, that said "We (heart) the CFL - Signed, The Fans of Baltimore", and with what must've been hundreds of signatures.

Now thats an even more interesting story not_a_bengal06. Was this at the recent Grey Cup festivities in TO, or are we talking back in the mid-90s when Baltimore's franchise relocated to Montreal?

Oh it was after the relocation Kristjan. Sorry, I should have been clearer about that. I don’t remember exactly when the relocation happened but this game was in '98 or '99 when the Cats and Als were always battling for first place in the East.

It was an incredible game too…extremely competitive back and forth. The Baltimore fans led a chant of “C-F-L” during a particularly intense porition of the game which many fans from both teams joined in on. It was one of the greatest celebrations of the unique action of our league that I’ve been part of.

No, it is not the first time I have read a forum. I am not going to get baited into an arguement with you. Have a great day.

Welcome Bomber fan and it will get rougher as the season goes on. Each time a team looses you get to see enough conspiracy theories to rival the JFK files and enough so called self proclaimed facts to fill a manure spreader.

For the most part its all part of the team rivalries and it provides good fun banter. A few individuals in the past have gone over the top but sooner or later forum pressure reins them in or they give up. Have fun - join the battles for your team and don’t feed the trolls…

Wait till the banjo bowl. gonna be a hootanny this year lmao

...stop fighting?....are you nuts?....what the heck would we all do then?...its football, the socially accepted substitute for open clan warfare for goodness sakes...I tried the British Tea forum, no fun there....

....tough news on the cable TV thing though, sorry to hear that....

....maybe we could be a 'little' more diplomatic sometimes....but quit fighting...no siree'..that's half the fun on here...the other half is just getting a big laugh out of certain posters comments......who, right or wrong ...bitter end-it with their team.... win or lose...and Fighting ..that's the essence of the board, in my humble opinion.... :wink: :lol:

My point is that I have yet to see a forum that didnt have arguments


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We all poke fun at each others points of view mostly with humour and tastefully. Sometimes when one of us crosses a line it is directly pointed out to us and we get hit in the head by the cattle prodders.
It is all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: 8) :smiley:
by the way
Riders Rule
Stamps, Lions, Bombers, Esks, Argos, Ti-cats, als DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :rockin:

There really should be a limit to the number of 'smilies' alllowed in any given post. Multiple smilies just make a person look schizo.


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