"let's stick to one i hate ticats thread."

Ok, here it is. You mentioned hate, guelphticatfan, not me. Such a Liberal move to use hate as a pretense to shut down critical discussion and dissenting opinion. I'nm not reading through all these topics to find the one similar that somebody posted a year ago. This board is more annoying than the product on the field. Barely.

Like the "talk about terrible thread ?"

or should it be " Laughably Indefensible Disgrace" that you started less than 24 hours ago?

You could try "The season is over thread" for an identical message.
Just post your thoughts in a thread that is like to your message.

Not sure why members are creating a new thread every time they feel like posting...we heard you the 1st time.


Exactly. Thanks Iceman1.

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