Lets show AM640 that we care about the CFL & Ticats

The conversation this morning is "would it be the end of the CFL if John Bon Jovi would buy the Buffalo Bills and move them to Troronto?" the host said "I don't think anyone even cares that hamilton lost." Lets prove him wrong:

Call in: 1-416-870-6400 or *640 on bell virgin or solo mobile

Someone from a Toronto radio station is saying that? I guess they are just jealous they can't figure out there how to get a gridiron stadium done, while here we have found a way. Jealousy, funny how it comes across at times. The Bills moving to Toronto, which would be a shame really for the people in Buffalo and WNY who are diehard Bills fans there and supported the team through thick and thin for so many years, would have no effect on me continuing to be a TiCats fan. I'm sure this guy thinks the world revolves around everything Toronto. Typical of many there.

What a jackass statement. A shitty NFL team moving into the worst CFL market is going to ruin the league? How does this guy have a job talking about sports if he doesn't know about the CFL's successes over the last few years.. IMO the league has never looked better, should be up to 10 teams by 2018 is my guess.

Lets call in tomorrow when he's on 5-9am to let him know there are people unlike him who care about the CFL. He also said: "I don't care about some game in Saskatchewan, I was watching an NFL game near here. The excitement last year in the city over the Argonauts game was forced. I know the league is older than the NFL but the average guy doesn't care about the CFL." :?

If he gets emails and calls saying "I care about the CFL." He might admit he's wrong and that Canadians do care about Canadian leagues.

It's a few goofarses like this guy that really give Toronto a bad name and make people not like the city very much. Sad for the city really. Oh well, what do you do. The solid people there don't deserve this type of image.

AM 640, wasn’t that the station that had the Ford brothers as hosts of a Sunday program until recently? Need I say more?

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That was 1010 CFRB. I do agree that AM 640 is a wretched radio station.

:oops: (not the first or last Mike will be wrong - don't tell the wife. :wink: )

Perhaps the "average" guy prefers the NFL - the "above average" guy prefers the CFL. :lol:

Maybe before you shove your foot in your mouth any farther you might want to take a second and THANK Toronto.
The pan am games is theirs and without that no stadium for Hamilton
So no Hamilton didn't find a way ..it was presented to you by Toronto

Hey Everybody,

Just like how we hijacked that poll on the CTV saskatoon about "who do you think will win the Grey Cup?"

There is something going on the Toronto Sun website, scroll down and on the right side of the page, there is a "Do you enjoy the CFL more than the NFL?" poll question...


Currently its 57% - 42% for the no vote.....

keep in mind this is the TORONTO sun. not the Canadian sun.
if anything, we should be encouraged that 42% of football fans in the Toronto region still prefer the CFL despite the local media's effort to bury the league.
if only the Argos had a competent CEO who could get those watching on tv to come to the skydome 9 games/year.

anyway, keep voting YES.