Lets settle this now.

The Grey cup is days away and everywhere we look, folks are saying this team is gonna kick that team's butt.

What constitutes a butt kicking?
How many points do you need to win by in order to make that claim?


i would also go with 18+ two td's plus more then a fg. But it also has to go with when this lead is gotten, how it is maintained. I think a "butt kicking" is not just determined by the score.

That is true.
You could build up a big lead and then slack off when time is running short.

The reason I post this is because if one team wins by three points We all know we will be reading Butt kicking till next season

ro1313, you're letting the trolls and trash talkers get to you!

But you're right it's be talked about all off season

nothing gets to me.
I just though I would clarify it