Lets Sell Out Tomorrow!!!

Do they sell hamburgers at Lopriesti's?

yes, but they call it a filet and it costs $100.00

I'd like to see if all those people who were getting freebees last year will finally pony up and buy tickets.

I'd also like to know from all of these "civic supporters" if they have bought tickets.

I bet you not more than one or two politicians in this area actually buy tickets.


Well, football might be a tad too tough for a lot of politicians who are more used to hiding behind their fancy sentences at meetings and that and wouldn't know the difference between a football and a hockey puck.

OMG look at all those empty seats...doesn't look good on TV at all.

I miss Werner and Rinaldo. Are they still around?

As for the sell out, it looks the bubble finally popped. Maybe its just the die hards left, or maybe the die hards finally died?