Lets Sell Out Tomorrow!!!

I really hope we can sell out for tomorrows game, first time in 31 years we have hosted a CFL home opener, thats a big deal. Lets get evreyone you know to try to come to the game I know I am and so is Martin Short damm guy called me again last night.

See ya at the game!!


lol martin short called me too.

Jesse Lumsden called me a while ago as well.

i would also like to see a sell out tomorrow but i doubt it will happen

come on, is it an automated recording?

lol no it wasnt it was really him lol he called me too

i'll be there and am bring a friend to her first game! :slight_smile:

Oskee Wee Wee!

yeah right fat chance of selling out. I've done my part though.

If it's a sellout, I will buy everyone here a hamburger at the establishment they wish along with a drink. :wink:

I know it's unlikely but you gotta think big

I like the enthusiam, IWillSackYou,

I hope the cats do sell out.

Earl, I hope you brought your credit card :wink:

damnit just wait lol i need a single ticket in box j row 13, my buddies got 2 tickets and r going i have yet to buy mine! i wanna go!

I don't know about a sell-out, but I expect a good sized crowd, that I hope makes...lots of noise, whenever Montreal's offence is on the field.
Drowned them out folks....be the thirteenth man.
Go Cats Go.


i just on the weather network that were supposed to get thunderstorms tomorrow :frowning:

Yeeah, but only a 60% chance and only up to 1 mm rain, so if it rains, it'll probalby be just a quick rainfall just like what we've been having. I'm not worried.


1st time poster on here ... but long time lurker :rockin:

Just got my tickets to the home opener! 7 of us are going! :thup:


less than 8 hours away, i am starting to get the nervous poops just like before i played.

less than 8 hours away, i am starting to get the nervous poops just like before i played.
I really didn't to know that!!!

That is flipin hilarious!

I always used to feel like i was going to wet my pants, oh gawd, especialy once you got to the line of scrimage. Right up until you laid that first hit.

Has this sold out?

*edit: nm. There are still seats available through Ticketmaster.

I just read an artice on the home page said they expect 21000 come on that pitiful

This is nationally televised.

I know the good city of Hamilton can do better!!